What is a component named NEUT GIMMICK?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Q. I am studying the TV lessons. In one of the schematics there is a strange component marked "NEUT GIMMICK". What is this?

A. A gimmick is a small piece of metal or an extra winding on a coil form. Its purpose is to introduce a small amount of capacitance into a circuit. Often they are adjustable. The gimmicks that are a small piece of metal are adjusted by simply bending them. This is a factory adjustment, though, and should not be attempted by the technician.

Gimmicks are sometimes used in oscillator circuits to introduce feedback so the oscillator will run. They are also used in RF amplifiers.

The "NEUT." stands for "neutralization". This a is a method for stabilizing an RF amplifier. Some of the output is coupled back to the input through a small amount of reactance. This cancels out internal feedback in the RF amplifier that would cause it to oscillate instead of amplifying. 

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