Video Game Console Starter Kit

Learn step-by-step how to build and design your own video game console!
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Video Game Console Starter Kit

This self study course was designed to show students how to build their very own video game console.

Learn about computer architecture, designing game systems, PCBs and creating games for the console. Once finished, students will have the knowledge necessary to not only design and understand microcontroller based embedded systems, but to create game consoles as well.
• Intro to Analog Circuitry
• Computer Architecture
• Game Console on a PCB 
• Advanced Analog Circuitry
• Designing Game Systems I
• Hacking Demos
• Intro to Digital Realm
• Designing Game Systems II
• Creating Games for the Console
• Advanced Digital Design
• Game Console on a Breadboard
• Emulators and Simulators  
For each lesson, students read the appropiate material in the textbook then view and listen to the Power Point presentations. Following most lessons are experiments with hands-on labs which will further their understanding of the material (some with videos).  
After each lesson is a Quiz and there is a Final Exam to test your knowledge of the entire course.
Course includes:
• Textbook and course CD with audio and video
• XGameStation Pico Edition Kit 2.0 including CD and complete assembly instructions
• Digital multimeter
• Soldering iron
• Components including ICs and passive devices
• Parallax SX-Key Programmer (USB version)
• Nintendo Compatible Controller
• Cables and adapter 

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