SOLD OUT! Understanding Graphing CD Tutorial

Understanding Graphing CD Tutorial
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Students are guided step by step through each concept.

At every stage the student interacts with the computer in completing questions and examples and they are unable to proceed until satisfactory answers have been provided.

This approach ensures that students understand one topic before proceeding to the next.

Accompanying worksheets are used to provide a structure to students work while on the computer and also to provide further activities off the computer. The whole package is designed to give students confidence in learning mathematics.

- Learn with meaning and understanding
- Users can learn from their own mistakes
- Flexible learning resources
- Over 500 pages of lesson plans and worksheets

Graphing Topics
- Reading and Sketching Graphs
- Statistics
- Points on a Grid
- Transformations
- Relations, Equations and Fractions
- Linear Relationships
- Slope of a Line
- Equation of a Straight Line
- Plus much more!

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