Troubleshoot Hydraulic Systems DVD Course

Learn how to troubleshoot hydraulic systems with this hydraulic training DVD course. Designed to teach you how to understand and troubleshoot hydraulic system failures.
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The Troubleshoot Hydraulic Systems DVD training program is an intensive 32 hour course on fluid dynamic principles designed to teach you how to understand and troubleshoot hydraulic system failures.
All maintenance repair persons should have an understanding of hydraulic fundamentals as well as basic circuit operation. Understanding hydraulic system operation is mandatory for all industrial maintenance technicians. This hydraulic training is vital for the efficient repair of any electric over hydraulic machinery. Your people need this training if your facility has machinery utilizing hydraulic components.
Hydraulic Training Part 1:
Training segment 1 begins with the basics of fluid dynamics. Your students, or employees will learn how power can be transmitted through fluid. Part 1 then continues into an examination of 2 way valves, 3 way valves, check valves and pressure relief valves. They will see how these devices actually function and how they are implemented in an actual circuit design. Prior experience or training is not a requirement for this training program. However, those with prior experience or training will gain a deeper understanding of hydraulic system operation.
Hydraulic Training Part 2:
In part 2, your employees or students will examine linear and rotary actuators. Double action, double rod, ram, telescoping, tandem and duplex cylinder operations are all covered in this easy to learn training DVD. Rotary devices like rack-and-pinion, rotary vane and rotary cylinder actuators are also illustrated in detail. In four short hours your students will learn more than most people learn in a week.
Hydraulic Training Part 3:
In the third training session your employees, or students will examine common hydraulic pumps like the balanced vane, unbalanced vane, gear, axial piston and radial piston hydraulic pump configurations. Part 3 also covers different types of filters and the purpose for using a reservoir.
Hydraulic Training Part 4:
Part 4 provides an in depth examination of hydraulic motors, accumulators and intensifiers. Your students, or employees will learn the differences between spring loaded, various gas charged and weight loaded accumulator devices. Safety dump circuits for the accumulator are also covered in this portion of your hydraulic training.
Hydraulic Training Part 5:
During this training session your employees, or students will examine flow control and pressure sensitive devices in greater detail. They will also learn about air cooled and water cooled heat exchangers. Testing the heat exchanger for internal leaks is also covered in part 5.
Hydraulic Training Part 6:
Part 6 concentrates on hydraulic servo valve operation. Single spool, master-slave and proportional valves are all covered in this training segment. The purpose of the LVDT is also discussed in part 6. This training segment provides a very good understanding of hydraulic servo valve operation.
Hydraulic Training Part 7:
Training session 7 begins to apply all the knowledge your employees, or students have gained in the first 6 training sessions by illustrating hydraulic prints with the valves shifting position, cylinders extending and retracting, pressure relief valves operating, flow controls restricting flow and check valves opening and closing under pressure. Learning to read a hydraulic print has never been easier.
Hydraulic Training Part 8:
The final training session covers basic hydraulic troubleshooting techniques, fault analysis, common hydraulic system failures and preventative maintenance procedures which can be implemented to extent the life of almost any piece of hydraulic equipment.This video set begins with the basics of fluid power system fundamentals then progresses into advanced troubleshooting techniques & fault analysis. 
Learn everything you need to know to effectively troubleshoot and repair your hydraulic equipment. 

This is a 32 hour hydraulic training course with almost 4 hours of video instruction & a 166 page workbook.

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