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Custom Tool Kit with Emphasis on Soldering Equipme

Custom Tool Kit with Emphasis on Soldering Equipment
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23 quality built technician tools packed in a sturdy tool box. This kit includes a 2-tray tool box and the following tools:
- Long Nose Plier: 4 1/2" drop forged with spring return.
- Diagonal Cutter: 4 1/2" drop forged with spring return.
- Wire Stripper: Adjustable with cushion grip.
- Soldering Iron: 25W, 3 prong line cord and plug with chisel tip
- Soldering Iron Stand: spiral holder & sponge.
- 3 Piece Solder Aid Tool Set: Brush & scraper, fine point & slotted probe.
- Desolder Vacuum Pump: Aluminum housing with replaceable non-stick nylon tip.
- Desolder wick: 5" braid in a convenient plastic dispenser.
- Solder: Rosin core 60/40 .031 diameter, 10 gm, pencil pack.
- Heat Sink: 2 1/2" aluminum clip with spring return.
- 3 Screwdrivers: slotted head with 3/16" tip, Phillips head #1, Slotted head, 1/8" tip with pocket clip.
- 4 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set: Metal set with swivel tips.
- 3 PC. Nut Driver Set: 1 piece 3/16" black, 1 piece 1/4" red, 1 piece, 5/16" yellow.
- Goggles
- Tool Box: 2 tray box with lock.

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