The Robot Builder's Bonanza

The Robot Builder's Bonanza includes everything you need to know about starting to build robots. 99 amazing projects.
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The Robot Builder's Bonanza

Projects vary in complexity so everyone from novices to advanced hobbyists will find something of interest.

- 30 completely new projects
- All projects have been revamped to be more customizable
- More visual -- illustrations of the final product are right at the beginning of the chapter
- Everything you need to build from plans provided or create your own designs:
* Robot Basics
* Construction Techniques
* Computer and Electronic Control
* Power, Motors, and Locomotion
* Practical Robotics Projects
* Sensors and Navigation
* Robot Programming
* Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits


Part 1: Robot Basics
Chapter 1: The Robot Experimenter
Chapter 2: Anatomy of a Robot
Chapter 3: Structural Materials
Chapter 4: Buying Parts
Chapter 5: Electronic Components
Chapter 6: Tools
Chapter 7: Electronic Construction Techniques

Part 2: Robot Platform Construction
Chapter 8: Plastic Platforms
Chapter 9: Wooden Platforms
Chapter 10: Metal Platforms
Chapter 11: Hacking Toys

Part 3: Computers and Electronic Control
Chapter 12: An Overview of Robot "Brains"
Chapter 13: Programming Fundamentals
Chapter 14: Computer Peripherals
Chapter 15: The BASIC Stamp 2 Microcontroller
Chapter 16: Remote Control Systems

Part 4: Power, Motors, and Locomotion
Chapter 17: Batteries and Robot Power Supplies
Chapter 18: Principles of Robot Locomotion
Chapter 19: Choosing the Right Motor
Chapter 20: Working with DC Motors
Chapter 21: Working with Stepper Motors
Chapter 22: Working with Servo Motors

Part 5: Practical Robotics Projects
Chapter 23: Building a Roverbot
Chapter 24: Building a Heavy-Duty Six-Legged Walking Robot
Chapter 25: Advanced Robot Locomotion Systems
Chapter 26: Reaching Out with Robot Arms
Chapter 27: Building a Revolute Coordinate Arm
Chapter 28: Experimenting with Gripper Designs

Part 6: Sensors and Navigation
Chapter 29: The Sense of Touch
Chapter 30: Object Detection
Chapter 31: Sound Input and Output
Chapter 32: Robot Vision
Chapter 33: Navigation
Chapter 34: Fire Detection Systems
Chapter 35: Experimenting with Tilt and Gravity Sensors
Chapter 36: Home Robots and How Not to Chew Up Your Furniture

Part 7: Putting It All Together
Chapter 37: Robot Tasks, Operations, and Behaviors
Chapter 38: Integrating the Blocks
Chapter 39: Failure Analysis
Chapter 40: Setting Up Workshops, Demonstrations, and Competitions
Appendix A: Further Reading
Appendix B: Sources
Appendix C: Robot Information on the Internet

Follow a plan or create your own design
Robot Basics
Parts and Tools
Practical Robotics Projects
Money-Saving Hacks
Construction Techniques: Plastic, Wood, & Metal
Computer and Electronic Control
Power, Motors, and Locomotion
Sensors and Navigation
Robot Programming
Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits
Avoiding Common Mistakes
List of Sources for Parts and Ideas

NEW to the Third Edition:
30 Completely New Projects!
Hundreds of Helpful New Illustrations
Customizability Added to Every Project
More Materials and Tools You Can Use to Build Your Robots
State-of-the-Art Advances
More Help with Microcontrollers for the Beginner
Developments in Remote Control
Advanced Locomotion
Information to Turn Toys into Automatons
High-Tech Sensors
Suggestions for Robotics Competitions and Competing  

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