Technical Writing II Course

Learn Technical Writing at home. Complete course covering document writing and oral presentations. Instructor support, online exams & certificate. Enroll $195.
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In depth coverage of various communication tasks including preparation for oral presentations and standard approach to document writing. At the end of the course, students submit a 12 page research paper. 5 assignments.

Student Privileges:
In addition, this CIE Bookstore Micro Course comes with Superior Student Privileges so you never have to study alone!

1. Instructor Assistance:
Use our toll-free Instructor Hot-line to access our faculty and staff if you ever need assistance with your course work. CIE's dedicated staff of instructors do more than just grade your exams; they help guide you, step-by-step, through your studies and hands-on training.

They'll encourage you when you're doing well and give you support when you need it. Most importantly they'll see that every question you have receives careful consideration by one or more members of the staff. You can be sure the response, whether it's a simple explanation or an in-depth theoretical discussion, will be prompt, courteous and thorough. (Some courses include non-CIE material, videos or software, that will supplement your studies but will not be included under Instructor Assistance.)

2. Priority Grading - No waiting
Your submitted exams will be graded and sent back to you within 24 hours. You can be sure that you will get back almost instantaneous feedback from your exams.

3. Student Resources:
Upon enrolling, you'll receive a complementary issue of our school newspaper "The Electron".

5 graded assignments with certificate of completion from CIE Bookstore.

Order on line or call (800) 321-2155 and ask for course 01-HUM 242 today!

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