Site Inspection: Foundation, Drainage, and Waterproofing

Site Inspection: Foundation, Drainage, and Waterproofing - Home Inspection Video

Every good home starts with a strong, solid, watertight foundation.

In this video, our home inspector, Alex Welsh, takes us on a tour of various house foundations and notes the problems many older homes often incur at the foundation level over the years. Some are serious structural problems, others just simple cosmetic issues—but it is imperative to know and be able to identify the difference.

Starting on the outside, the inspector ensures that the foundation is sufficient to bear the weight of a house that may be significantly larger than when it was first built. Then, he studies the lay of the land and evaluates the water runoff. Improper drainage can do serious damage to a home’s foundation over time.

The program also addresses retaining walls and waterproofing techniques. Each of the six home styles is reviewed for the distinctive features, problems, and solutions that they present.

One 20-minute video and teacher’s guide. © 2003.

VHS Format.

Order online or call (800) 321-2155 and ask for video 02-394.

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