Refrigeration Training Course

This refrigeration training course will prepare you for the technician certification exams. Complete your refrigeration training at home.
Refrigeration Training

This self-paced course with test CD provides the most comprehensive refrigeration source to prepare for the EPA core, Type I, Type II, and Type III technician certification test. 
Do your refrigeration training at home when it's convenient for you. Learn the latest information on safe and efficient storage, transportation, and usage of refrigerants. It addresses the latest EPA regulations and their implications, and HFC and PFC refrigerant usage. Also included is information on recovery, recycling, and reclaiming of refrigerants for all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 
Up-to-date sample refrigerant certification test questions and test adminstration information are included to prepare technicians to pass the EPA Section 608 Certification Test. All aspects of refrigerants are discussed and the content is enhanced with a full color textbook with illustrations.
Course Features:
• An illustrated, full color textbook with interactive CD
• Four interactive Sample Certification Tests 
• Over 415 sample certification test questions 
• Certification test preparation techniques 
• Glossary containing over 900 industry terms 
• Two refrigerant recovery interactive animations 
Refrigeration Training Learning Topics: 
• Refrigeration Principles 
• Safety 
• Refrigerants and Oils 
• Ozone Depletion 
• Regulatory Requirements 
• Recovery, Recycling, and Reclaiming 
• Service Practices 
• Core Certification Test Questions 
• Type I (Small Appliances) 
• Type I (Small Appliances) Certification Test Questions 
• Type II (High-Pressure Equipment) 
• Type II (High-Pressure Equipment) Certification Test Questions 
• Type III (Low-Pressure Equipment) 
• Type III (Low-Pressure Equipment) Certification Test Questions 
• Certification Test Preparation 
• Universal Certification Test Questions 
Interactive CD 
The interactive CD-ROM includes information to supplement the full color textbook and includes the following: 
• Quick Quizzes® that offer 10 interactive questions for each chapter, with embedded links to textbook content and to the Illustrated Glossary. 
• An Illustrated Glossary provides a helpful reference to commonly used terms. Selected terms are linked to interactive illustrations and media clips. 
• Sample Certification Tests. 
• Refrigerant Recovery Animation. 
• Flash Cards provide a review of key terms and definitions. 
• Media Clips consist of animated graphics that reinforce and expand upon textbook content. 
• Compliance Forms 
• A link to where you'll find supplemental information and support like a community forum, downloadable files, product updates and additional internet resources. 
Open Enrollment
You can start this program at anytime and there are no time limits - so study when it's convenient for you. 
This comprehensive refrigeration training course includes a full color textbook (223 pages, 118 illustrations), interactive CD and provides a solid foundation in Technician Certification for Refrigerants. 
How do I order? 
1. You can order online (click the 'Add to Cart' button). 
2. Call us at (800) 321-2155 and ask for course 02-715. 
3. You can mail a check or money order for $82.95 to:
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CIE Bookstore 
1776 E. 17th Street 
Cleveland, Ohio 44114 
4. Western Union or Bank transfer. 
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6. You can fax your order to us at 216-781-0331. 
Start your refrigeration training today!
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