Pro's Electronic Tool Kit

Great pro's electronic tool kit for the student hobbyist or the seasoned electronics professional.
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This Pro's Electronic Tool Kit contains everything you need to be a successful electronics technician!

Utility component storage box
Long nose plier 135mm
Diagonal cutting plier 110mm
Flat nose plier 135mm
Bent nose plier 130mm
Dual Color Lineman's plier
Reverse action tweezer
Super drill set w/adaptor 110V or 220V
3pcs soldering aid tools
Soldering iron stand with sponge
Adjustable wrench 6"
Ceramic soldering iron 110V or 220V  
Screwdriver handle
Pro-soft s/d 3/16"(inch) or 5mm(metric)
Pro-soft s/d 1/4"(inch) or 6mm(metric)
Pro-soft s/d 3.2x75mm
Pro-soft s/d #0x75mm
Pro-soft s/d 5.0x75mm
Pro-soft s/d #1x75mm
Pro-soft s/d 6.0x57mm
Pro-soft s/d #2x57mm
Pro-soft s/d #2x157mm
Pro-soft s/d #1x150mm
Pro-soft screwdriver 6.0x40mm
Pro-soft screwdriver #2 x40mm
Crimping tool (inch) or (metric)
Desoldering pump
Precision s/d set 6pcs
5pcs needle file set
Mini-vacuum kit
Cleaning fluid, head (60cc)
Cleaning fluid, head (18cc)
3-1/2 compact digital multimeter
Testing screwdriver
IC extractor
Pallet for 1PK-900N
Flash light
7pcs folding type hex key set (inch) or (metric)
3 prong holder
PVC insulated tape
Stainless scissors 6"
Solder core 63%, SN
Bit T10x30mm
Bit T15x30mm
Wrist strap 10FT
Utility knife (3 blades self loading)
10pcs electronic combination wrench (inch) or (metric)
Hobby vise (Jaw opening 40mm /width 60mm)
Aluminum frame tool case w/1 pallet

Order on-line or call (800) 321-2155 and ask for the pro's electronic tool kit 02-328.