Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius

Learn everything you need to create and control 57 gaming projects. Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius.
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Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius

Always wanted to be a genius game creator? This Evil Genius guide goes far beyond a typical programming class or text to reveal insider tips for breaking the rules and constructing wickedly fun games that you can tweak and customize to suit your needs!

Learn everything you need to create and control 57 gaming projects. You’ll find easy-to-follow plans featuring Java, the most universal programming language, that run on any PC, Mac, or Linux computer.

• Illustrated instructions and plans for an awesome mix of racing, board, shoot ‘em up, strategy, retro, and puzzle games

• Gaming projects that vary in difficulty-starting with simple programs and progressing to sophisticated projects for programmers with advanced skills

• An interactive companion website featuring a free Java compiler, where you can share your projects with Evil Geniuses around the globe

• Removes the frustration-factor-all the parts you need are listed, along with sources

Regardless of your skill level, Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius provides you with all the strategies, code, and insider programming advice you need to build and test your games with ease, such as:
• Radical Racing
• Screen Skier
• Whack an Evil Genius
• Tic-Tac-Toe Boxing
• Snake Pit
• Space Destroyers
• Bomb Diffuser
• Trapper
• Oiram
• Java Man

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