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PLC Training on DVD

PLC Training on DVD includes 4 hours of video lessons and a 146 page study guide.
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PLC Training on DVD


This PLC Video Training Module contains almost 4 hours of video lessons on DVDs and a 146 page study guide. These easy to follow video lessons will make learning this vital information fast and easy.

This 8-part training course is designed to take 36 hours to complete. However, you can study at your own pace and review each lesson in the video series as many times as you need! (Both rung and block format PLC instructions are covered.)

Troubleshooting PLC Systems

PLC Training Part 1:

The PLC training program begins by comparing the operation of relay circuitry to that of the PLC system. Understanding these similarities will make learning the PLC system much faster and easier. The student will learn the sequence of events which must take place in any automated piece of equipment. They are also introduced to the three sections of every PLC control system. 

PLC Training Part 2:

In part 2 of the PLC program you will be introduced to the operating principles involved with the input, output and logic sections of the PLC system. Then cover basic PLC logic instructions. Learn about the examine ON, examine OFF and output instruction bits. Next, they will begin to apply these PLC instruction bits to actual PLC ladder diagrams. Common addressing techniques are also covered in part 2. 

PLC Training Part 3:

In the third training session you will gain an in depth understanding of the operating principles involved with the input, output and logic sections of the PLC system. Analog, digital and discrete modules are covered. Part 3 also provides vital information on common power supply problems. 

PLC Training Part 4:

In the fourth training session you will learn proper programming techniques. Learn how to enter, edit, add or delete program instruction bits. The scanning sequence involved in examining the condition of the input field devices, comparing the program to the condition of the input devices and updating the output ports is all covered in part 4. Also covered are immediate update instructions and PLC counter instructions in block format. 

PLC Training Part 5:

Part 5 continues with PLC programming instruction bits. Learn how rung format counters function, block and rung format timer instructions function, latch-unlatch instructions, math instructions, comparison instructions and many more pieces of useful information. Our goal is to make your people understand how each of these instruction bits effect the total operation of the PLC system. 

PLC Training Part 6:

In part 6 learn about move instructions, the binary numbering system, decimal numbering system, how to count in octal, hexadecimal and BCD digital formats. See how to easily convert from one format to another. Since PLC systems are digital in design, this training is vital. 

PLC Training Part 7:

Here you learn how the PLC can be used to monitor and control a servo valve or servo motor. Part 7 examines the characteristics of the analog signal and digital signal. It then progresses into basic open loop and closed loop servo control systems. In this training segment you will also learn proper preventative maintenance procedures for the PLC system, how to read and understand flow charts, error codes and fault registers. Basic troubleshooting procedures are also covered in this portion of the PLC training. 

PLC Training Part 8:

In the final training session learn how to systematically localize faults to either the input, output or logic section of the PLC controller. Then learn how to troubleshoot with, or without the use of the program monitor. Part 8 concludes with basic Safety procedures when working on PLC systems plus an over view of the material covered in the previous 7 sessions. 


Topics cover: 

1. How process control works
2. PLC servo control
3. Binary numbering systems
4. PLC advantages
5. Scanning sequence
6. Common PLC problems
7. PLC disadvantages
8. Timer instructions
9. Troubleshooting techniques
10. Identifying PLC sections
11. Counter instructions
12. How to read flow charts
13. PLC operation as ON-OFF
14. Latch-Unlatch instructions
15. How to read error codes
16. PLC and YES-NO decisions
17. Math operations
18. How to read fault registers
19. Logic flow of events
20. Comparison functions
21. How to read PLC ladders
22. Input module operation
23. Move functions
24. Identify input faults
25. Output module operation
26. Output instructions
27. Identify output faults
28. Logic module operation
29. Examine ON instructions
30. Identify logic faults
31. Power supply operation
32. Examine OFF instructions
33. PLC addressing


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