Photovoltaic Training

Learn to design, install and evaluate residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. Earn a Certificate of Completion with instructor support and online exams.

Course Description

This photovoltaic training program is a comprehensive distance learning course that will show you how to design, install and evaluate residential and commercial photovoltaic systems.

Learn from the comfort of your own home and study when it's convenient for you - there are no time limits.  This certificate course includes instructor support, textbook, study guide and online exams.

Everything you need to graduate is sent to your home and you finish with a Certificate of Completion in Photovoltaic Fundamentals.

What you will learn
Numerous illustrations explain the concepts behind how PV arrays and other components operate, and photographs of actual installations show how components are integrated together to form complete systems.

Learn how to effectively incorporate PV systems into stand-alone or interconnected electrical systems. Then move on to PV system advantages and disadvantages, site evaluation, component operation, system design and sizing, and installation requirements and recommended practices.

This course addresses the PV topics included in the NABCEP Entry Level Program.

Chapter Titles:

•  Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems
•  Solar Radiation
•  Site Surveys and Preplanning
•  System Components and Configurations
•  Solar Cells, Modules, and Arrays
•  Solar Batteries
•  Charge Controllers
•  Inverters
•  System Sizing
•  Mechanical Integration
•  Electrical Integration
•  Utility Interconnection
•  Permitting and Inspection
•  Commissioning, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
•  Economic Analysis

Complete photovoltaic training course outline.

Interactive Training Online
The Photovoltaic Systems includes an online supplement of the book that features interactive resources to enhance the course and includes Quick Quizzes®, an Illustrated Glossary, Media Clips, several solar resources, and Reference Material.

The Quick Quizzes® provide an interactive review of key topics covered in each chapter.

The Illustrated Glossary is a helpful reference to textbook definitions, with select terms linked to illustrations and media clips that augment the definition provided.

The solar resources are electronic resources for evaluating potential installation sites and for sizing PV systems, and include the following:

Solar Radiation Data Sets
• Sun Path Charts

• Forms and worksheets that automatically performs sizing calculations
• Solar Time Calculator

Student Evaluation and Grading Method
Students are required to complete all 10 assignments. Each of the assignments concludes with an examination comprising of a multiple-choice test. The assignment examinations are open book and the ten examinations equals 100% of the final grade.

Everything you need to succeed is included!

• Instructor Support
• 512 Page Textbook with 395 Illustrations

   Photovoltaic Systems, 3rd Edition
   By: James P. Dunlop, In Partnership with NJATC
• 35 Page Study Guide

• Online Exams
• Online Video Resources
• Certificate of Completion from CIE Bookstore in Photovoltaic Fundamentals

Study at home
Learn from the comfort of your own home and study when it's convenient for you - there are no time limits. Includes instructor support and you can take your exams online on our e-grade web site any time you want - day or night!  Everything you need to graduate is sent to your home.

Instructor Support
This course was designed with a convenient step-by-step learning format that will allow you to master new topics quickly and effectively. If you ever need help with your course you can call or e-mail our staff of highly trained instructors for immediate attention or you can join the chat room and ask a question.

Earn a Professional Certificate of Completion from CIE Bookstore
After finishing this course you'll receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing in Photovoltaic Fundamentals!

Open Enrollment
You can start this entry level program at anytime and there are no time limits - so study when it's convenient for you.

Demand for renewable energy technologies is growing rapidly and this comprehensive new self-paced training course will help you learn the installation of several types of photovoltaic systems.

How do I enroll?

1. You can order online (click the 'Add to Cart' button).

2. Call us at (800) 321-2155 and ask for course 02-711B.

3. You can mail a check or money order for $247.95 to:

(includes $22.95 for shipping/handling - foreign shipping will be higher) 

CIE Bookstore
1776 E. 17th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

This course available to residents of the United States, Australia and countries located in North America. Foreign shipping expense will be higher.

Order online or call (800) 243-6446. (This course is in stock.)

Start your photovoltaic training today and begin a new career!

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