Operating Systems and Linux+ Course

Master Operating Systems and prepare for the Linux+ certification with this unique course.

Operating Systems and Linux+ Course

Quickly learn how to install, configure, and troubleshoot Windows Vista, 7, XP Professional and Mac OS X with this distance learning certificate course. Prepare for the Linux+ certification with LabSim and master the skills needed by today’s Linux IT professional!

What will I learn?

- Diagnose and troubleshoot common operating system problems
- Linux IT training with 98 videos and 82 hands-on labs
- Install and upgrade software applications, printers, and other system components
- Identify key features common to all operating systems
- Use Windows, DOS, Macintosh OS X, and Linux
- Describe basic networking and network operating system concepts
- Connect to a LAN and the Internet
- Implement important security features

Learn from the comfort of your own home and study when it's convenient for you - there are no time limits. Take your exams online and finish with an academic Certificate of Completion in Operating Systems Management from CIE Bookstore suitable for framing.

Course Includes:
- Instructor support on Operating Systems lessons
- A detailed textbook with colorful examples
- Study guide
- Labsim Linux+ training module with videos and labs
- Certificate of Completion
- Credit towards a professional IT degree

10 Lessons for Certificate in Operating Systems Management

1. Introduction to Operating Systems:
Learn the functions of microcomputer operating systems. 

2. Computer Security Basics:
Troubleshoot common security problems.

3. Desktop Virtualization:
Learn the common features of today’s desktop virtualization products. 

4. Disk Operating System (DOS):
Troubleshoot common DOS problems, identify a DOS version, understand the DOS boot-up process, installing DOS  

5. Windows XP Professional:
Install, manage and troubleshoot Windows XP Professional. Security with Windows XP.

6. Today’s Windows - Windows Vista and Windows:
Compare Windows 8 and Vista features. Install and configure. Manage local security.

7. Under the Windows:
Registry, install and manage device drivers.

8. Linux on the Desktop:
Describe Linux, install Linux, demonstrate basic skills for using Linux, manage Linux files and directories with shell commands, secure a Linux desktop, troubleshoot common Linux problems

9. Mac OS X on the Desktop:
Install, manage and troubleshoot Mac OS X

10. The Client Side of Networking:
Configure a client for a TCP/IP network, troubleshoot common network client problems

What will I learn about Linux+?

- Installation
- Boot and Shutdown
- User Interfaces and Desktops
- Software Installation
- Users and Groups
- Disk and File System Management
- Hardware Installation
- Processes and System Services
- System Monitoring
- Networking
- Security

The LabSim Linux+ Lab Includes:

Hands-On Labs: 82 
Training Videos: 98 (16:54) 
Demonstrations: 55 (10:34) 
Written Lessons: 105 
Section Quizzes: 64 
Exam Questions: 666  
Practice Certification Exams - Included

LabSim provides the hands-on training needed for achieving the Linux+ Powered by LPI certification. With LabSim online labs students get the hands-on experience that helps them master the skills needed by today’s Linux IT professional.

LabSim Linux+ Powered by LPI is designed to meet the revised and standardized certification objectives from CompTIA and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). With all new labs and content, LabSim Linux+ Powered by LPI is a single LabSim course that prepares students to pass both of the new CompTIA Linux+ exams, LX0-101 and LX0-102, and become Linux+ certified.

Because of the growing popularity of enterprise-ready platforms such as Linux, both employers and professionals realize the importance of skill validation. The IT industry recognizes that CompTIA’s Linux+ Powered by LPI certification is a good indicator of foundational proficiency in everyday management of Linux-based clients and basic management of server systems.

Powerful Labs
With robust online labs, LabSim Linux+ Powered by LPI provides a unique and powerful training program to fully prepare students to become Linux+ certified. Students will gain hands-on experience managing Linux systems from the command line, user administration, file permissions, software configurations, management of Linux-based clients, server systems and security.

Expert Instruction
LabSim also provides video instruction and demonstrations by industry experts. Our LabSim Linux+ Powered by LPI training strictly follows CompTIA’s official training curriculums.

CIE Instructor Support
If you ever need help with your Operating Systems lessons you can call or e-mail our staff of highly trained instructors for immediate attention or you can join the chat room and ask a question.

They’ll encourage you when you’re doing well and give you support when you need it. Most importantly they’ll see that every question you have receives careful consideration by one or more members of the staff. You can be sure the response, whether it’s a simple explanation or an in-depth theoretical discussion, will be prompt, courteous and thorough.

Priority Grading - No waiting
Your submitted exams on Operating Systems will be graded and sent back to you within 24 hours. You can be sure that you will get back almost instantaneous feedback from your exams. You can take your exams on-line on our e-grade site or send them in.

Professional Certificate of Completion from CIE Bookstore
After finishing this course you’ll receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing! 

Student Resources
You’ll received complete lesson and tuition credit if you ever decide to transfer over to CIE’s nationally accredited Associate Degree program! Your exam scores will be stored in CIE’s data base will be ready for you when you need them!

How do I enroll?

1. You can order online with a credit card or PayPal.

2. Call us at (800) 321-2155 and ask for course 02-M230B.

3. You can mail a check or money order for $297.75 (includes $22.75 for shipping/handling) to:

CIE Bookstore
1776 E. 17th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Attn. Operating Systems and Linux+

Foreign shipping expense will be higher. (This course is in stock.)

Start your Operating Systems and Linux+ training today!

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