NI Multisim Circuit Design Suite V13

NI Multisim Circuit Design Suite V13 student version.
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NI Multisim Circuit Design Suite V13

This program provides electronics and electrical engineering students with a complete electronics lab in a computer. Students can design and experiment with circuits in Multisim including assigned textbook circuits, virtual instruments and interactive parts.

They can then export their completed circuit schematic to Ultiboard and design their own printed circuit board.

From idea to 3D visualization of their own printed circuit board, the Student Design Suite provides students with the essential electronics lab.

The NI Multisim Circuit Design Suite includes a Student Version of Multisim 13, Ultiboard 13 and Multisim MCU Module.

Multisim 13 is a schematic capture, simulation and programmable logic tool. This schematic capture, simulation and analysis software provides an interactive learning environment for basic electricity, analog and digital electronics, radio frequency electronics, VHDL and Verilog.

Ultiboard 13 is a printed circuit board layout software used by students in college and university programs to learn about, simulate and to design printed circuit boards. Ultiboard 13 imports circuit schematics from Multisim, places components, routes copper and produces design files which can be etched and milled.

The Multisim MCU Module from National Instrucments adds microcontroller unit (MCU) cosimulation capabilities to NI Multisim, so you can include a microcontroller, programmed in assembly or C code, within your SPICE-modeled circuit.

With the NI Multisim MCU Module, students can learn about MCUs and assembly language programming within the familiar Multisim environment. They can use the Multisim MCU Module with any Multisim virtual instrument for complete system simulation, including the microcontroller and all connected analog and digital SPICE components.

The Multisim MCU Module works with Intel/Atmel 8051/8052 and Microchip PIC16F84a chips as well as a broad range of advanced peripherals such as external RAM and ROM, keypads, and graphical and alphanumeric LCDs.

With the Multisim MCU Module, students can take full advantage of the Multisim educational platform, which makes it the ideal choice for courses such as digital electronics, computer architecture, MCU programming, embedded control, senior design, and more.

Multisim 13 Student Version includes:
- Over 5,000 Components in the Component Data Base
- A Maximum of 50 components per circuit
- 29 Virtual Instruments
- 12 Analyses
- VHDL and Verilog
- RF components and instruments
- Saves Multisim files
- Simulation advisor
- Tech support through e-mail
- Post Processor

Ultiboard 13 Student Version includes:
- 350 Pin Support
- Built-in Autorouter
- Manual Component Placement
- Any Shape Board Size
- 3D Viewer

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