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Macroeconomics online course includes online exams, instructor support, textbook with study guide and a certificate of completion.
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Our macroeconomics online course will allow you to learn economics in a way that is understandable to everyone. Step-by-step analysis and balanced presentations help students master the fundamentals and move on to more advanced topics. Take your exams online and finish with an academic Certificate of Completion suitable for framing from CIE Bookstore. 

Covers new discussions of the mortgage debt crisis, the economic slowdown, the Feds term auction facility, current fiscal policy, the two Koreas and fair trade products. Basic theory of national income analysis with emphasis on monetary and fiscal policies of the federal government will be covered too.

We'll be right there for you every step of the way - includes instructor support, detailed textbooks with colorful examples, study guides and access to our e-grade web site where you can take your exams online whenever you want.

With our macroeconomics online course you learn from the comfort of your own home when it's convenient for you -  there are no time limits.

Learning Activities:
Macroeconomics online course consists of small, easy-to-complete lesson assignments. Each lesson requires you to read topics and answer questions based on the assigned readings. You should solve all the problems in the exercise sections before continuing to the next topic. 

Part 1: Introduction to Economics and the Economy 
Part 2: GDP, Growth and Instability
Part 3: Macroeconomic Models and Fiscal Policy
Part 4: Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy
Part 5: Extensions and Issues
Part 6: International Economics

9 Assignments for Certificate:

Assignment 1:
Chapter 1: Limits, Alternatives, and Choices (+ Appendix)

Assignment 2:
Chapter 2: The Market System and the Circular Flow
Chapter 3: Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium (+ Appendix)

Assignment 3:
Chapter 4: The U.S. Economy: Private and Public Sectors
Chapter 5: The United States in the Global Economy

Assignment 4:
Chapter 6: Introduction to Macroeconomics
Chapter 7: Measuring Domestic Output and National Income
Chapter 8: Economic Growth

Assignment 5:
Chapter 9: Business Cycles, Unemployment, and Inflation
Chapter 10: Basic Macroeconomic Relationships
Chapter 11: The Aggregate Expenditures Model

Assignment 6:
Chapter 12: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply (+ Appendix)
Chapter 13: Fiscal Policy, Deficits, and Debt
Chapter 14: Money and Banking

Assignment 7:
Chapter 15: Money Creation
Chapter 16: Interest Rates and Monetary Policy
Chapter 17: Financial Economics

Assignment 8:
Chapter 18: Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply
Chapter 19: Current Issues in Macro Theory and Policy

Assignment 9:
Chapter 20: International Trade
Chapter 21: Exchange Rates, Balance of Payments, and Trade Deficits
Chapter 21 Web Supplement: Previous International Exchange-Rate Systems
Chapter 22W: The Economics of Developing Countries 

Student Evaluation and Grading Method:
Students are required to complete all the lessons. Each of the assignments concludes with an examination comprising of a multiple-choice test. 

The assignment examinations are open book. The final grade for this course will be nine examinations which equals 100% of the final grade. 

Student Privileges
Macroeconomics online course includes all the benefits of being a CIE Bookstore student - Certificate of Completion upon completion, Instructor Assistance, and Superior Student Privileges so you never have to study alone!

1. Instructor Assistance:
Use our toll-free Instructor Hot-line to access our faculty and staff if you ever need assistance with your course work. CIE's dedicated staff of instructors do more than just grade your exams; they help guide you, step-by-step, through your studies.

They'll encourage you when you're doing well and give you support when you need it. Most importantly they'll see that every question you have receives careful consideration by one or more members of the staff. You can be sure the response, whether it's a simple explanation or an in-depth theoretical discussion, will be prompt, courteous and thorough.

2. Priority Grading - No waiting
Your submitted exams will be graded and sent back to you within 24 hours. You can be sure that you will get back almost instantaneous feedback from your exams. You can take your exams on-line on our e-grade site or send them in.

3. Professional Certificate of Completion from CIE Bookstore
After finishing this course you'll receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing!

4. Free access to CIE's school paper The Electron.

5. Student Resources:
You’ll received complete lesson and tuition credit if you ever decide to transfer over to World College's Bachelor's Degree programs. Your exam scores will be stored in our data base and will be ready for you when you need them!

 How do I enroll?
1. You can order online with a credit card or PayPal account (click the 'Add to Cart' button).

2. Call us at (800) 321-2155 and ask for course 01-SCE471.

3. You can mail a check or money order for $388.75 to:
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CIE Bookstore
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4. Western Union or Bank transfer.

5. You can fax your order to us at 216-781-0331.

Learn Macroeconomics with this affordable Macroeconomics Online Course and earn a professional certificate of completion.

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