SOLD OUT! Learning Windows XP Part 3 – Tools of the Digital

Learning Windows XP Part 3 – Tools of the Digital Age
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CD ROM Course. This tutorial teaches you to use either Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional Edition! New computer users and not-so-new users alike have much to gain.

With this course you'll make your XP experience soar with all the gadgets that make digital media so effective and exciting!

Learning Windows XP -Tools of the Digital Age Approx. 3 hours of training.
- Use Favorites more effectively
- Search the Internet using the Internet Explorer Search pane
- Use the Internet Explorer Favorites pane
- Add favorite Web pages
- Make a favorite for offline viewing
- Create new folders for favorites
- Organize favorites
- Make a folder on your computer a favorite
- Make a document a favorite
- Access favorites for other Window's windows or Program windows
- Grouped program windows
- Update Windows
- Use the Windows Messenger to add contacts and message with them
- About digital signatures and where you get one
- Copy pictures from a digital camera
- View pictures in a folder
- Access a camera from the My Computer window
- Camera properties
- Make a photo album
- View pictures as a filmstrip
- View pictures as a slide show
- Print a picture
- How to ink a program to a digital camera event
- Organize Pictures
- Insert a picture direct from a digital camera into a Word document
- About DirectX
- About hardware acceleration
- How to get video to your computer
- About FireWire and IEEE
- How to record analog audio digitally
- About audio editing software
- Adjust the recording properties in volume controls
- Record video directly into Windows Movie Maker
- Make as movie in Movie Maker
- Adjust sound levels between background music and video clip audio
- Record narration
- Advanced movie editing
- Splitting clips
- Insert a movie into a PowerPoint slide
- About streaming video
- Encode a movie using Windows Media Encoder
- Make a link to a movie on a Web page
- Publish this folder to the Web

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