Java: Learning to Program with Robots

Java: Learning to Program with Robots. Intended for a first course in Java programming.
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Students are introduced to object-oriented concepts with simulated robots, a hands-on approach that is engaging and fun. Robots are used to lay a solid object-oriented foundation upon which students build an in-depth understanding of programming concepts using a wide range of non-robotic examples.

• Intended for a first course in Java programming.

• Covers important object-oriented concepts such as objects, classes, inheritance, and polymorphism, as well as traditional concepts like selection, repetition, step-wise refinement, and parameters.

• Features a Java library instructing students how to implement the robots, as well as how to develop robot programs using the same techniques that apply to all Java programs.

• Includes a free CD containing JDK 5.0, JCreator, and jGrasp.

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