Hybrid Course

Self-study course about electric hybrid vehicles that use more than one propulsion technology to power a drive system.
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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Course

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology is a new self-paced course filled with technical illustrations and concise descriptions of the different configurations and vehicle platforms, the operation of various systems and the technologies involved, and the maintenance of hybrid electric vehicles. Quizzes with ten questions after each chapter are found on the CD. Entry level course allows you to learn about vehicles that use more than one propulsion technology to power a drive system - no previous experience required.

Lesson Topics
• Introduction to HEV Technology
• High-Voltage Electrical Safety
• High-Voltage Vehicle Safety Systems
• Hybrid Engines
• AC Induction Electrical Machines
• Permanent Magnet Electric Machines
• Power Inverter Systems
• Electric Propulsion Sensing Systems
• DC-DC Converter Systems
• Transaxels, Gears, and Cooling Systems
• Energy Management Hardware Systems
• Battery Construction and Technologies
• Nickel Metal Hydride Technology
• Battery Pack and Energy Management System
• Braking Systems
• Climate Control Systems
• Hybrid Jump Starting and Jump Start Assist Systems
• GM Flex Power PHT
• Belted Alternator Starter (BAS) System

Interactive CD
The CD-ROM included with Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology contains information to supplement the full color textbook including the following:

• Quick Quizzes® that offer 10 interactive questions for each chapter, with embedded links to textbook content and to the Illustrated Glossary.

• An Illustrated Glossary provides a helpful reference to commonly used terms. Selected terms are linked to interactive illustrations and media clips.

• Flash Cards provide a review of key terms and definitions.

• Media Clips consist of animated graphics that reinforce and expand upon textbook content.

• Review Questions (in a Microsoft® Word file) correlate to chapter objectives and serve as a knowledge check.

Open Enrollment
You can start this program at anytime and there are no time limits - so study when it's convenient for you. This is a complete entry level self-paced course that includes a full color textbook and interactive CD.

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