Home Automation Basics

Home Automation Basics: Practical Applications Using Visual Basic 6 (Book & CD ROM)
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Home Automation Basics shows you how to utilize Visual Basic 6 in a home-monitoring system.

Some day soon, all the functions of your home will be automated by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the backbone of all industrial controls in the world. Learn how easy it is to establish ground-level communications with a PLC through Visual Basic.

Explore the world of Visual Basic 6 programming with respect to real-world interfacing and control on a beginner to intermediate level, with a home automation system. Includes HVAC systems, water pumps, temperature controls and more.

Visual Basic 6 is a flexible programming language that operates through Microsoft Windows. With the help of a companion CD-ROM, Home Automation Basics guides you through the programming and installation portions of this project, giving you the ability to monitor a variety of functions in your home or office.

- Chapter 1 Visual Basic Basics
- Chapter 2 Serial Communications Basics
- Chapter 3 PLC Fundamentals
- Chapter 4 Interfacing
- Chapter 5 Allen-Bradley Protocol
- Chapter 6 Home-Monitor Project
- Chapter 7 Home-Monitor Aquisition Module
- Chapter 8 Home-Monitor Animation Module
- Chapter 9 Home Animation: Wave Files
- Chapter 10 Data Log
- Chapter 11 Graphing the Data
- Chapter 12 Serial Alphanumeric Display
- Chapter 13 Control
- Chapter 14 Conclusion

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