HDTV Video RF Coaxial Cable Tool Kit

New HDTV tool kit designed for the HDTV technician.
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HDTV Video RF Coaxial Cable Tool Kit

This HDTV tool kit is a professional grade tool kit for cutting, stripping, crimping and testing coaxial cable connections of HDTV, video and RF communications.

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* All-in-One Toner & Probe kit offers traces and locates cables quickly and easily.

* The new Pro-Crimpers with 6 die sets for most HDTV, CATV applications.

* Forged Cable Cutter for cutting aluminum and copper cables up to 25mm.

* Rotary Coaxial Cable Strippers for RG58/59/62/6/3C/3C2V/4C/5C


- Die Set (SQ.041", HEX .068", .178", .255", .278")
- Die Set (SQ.042", HEX .197", .278")
- Die Set (SQ 042", HEX .068", .275", .278")
- Die Set (SQ.042", 052", HEX .068", .255", .324")
- Die Set (SQ.042", HEX .178", .275")
- Die Set (SQ.042", HEX .068", .0178", .197", .255")
- Supercrimp Crimp Tool Frame
- Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper (RG-58/59/62/3C/4C)
- Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper (RG-58/59/62/3C2V/4C/5C)
- Forged Cable Cutter (160mm)
- All-in-One Toner & Probe Kit
- Carrying zipper bag (12.44" x 8.64" x 2.4")

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