Game Maker Course

This certificate course provides the student with an introduction to game development and design for multiplatforms. 10 lessons and instructor support.

Multiplatform Game Development Course

This course was designed to provide the student with an introduction to game development and design for multiplatforms. The course exposes the student to the concepts of game programming and design by focusing on implementation of programming logic.

It will then lead the student into the design and development issues that game developers encounter routinely. The student will then use basic programming techniques that are essential to the gaming environment.

The student works on a continuous project that guides them through the process of developing a game allowing them to gain the knowledge required to build many games, both single and multiplayer.

Course includes a certificate of completion, instructor support, access to the online exam center, DVD, study guide and textbook.


Course Objectives: 

Upon the completion of this course the student will be able to: 

• Demonstrate an understanding of programming logic

• Demonstrate an understanding of level design concepts in gaming

• Demonstrate an understanding of basic animation creation

• Demonstrate the ability to use and create sprites, textures, sound and sound FX in a gaming environment

• Demonstrate basic Object Oriented programming techniques to further develop gaming capabilities by learning GML

• Demonstrate an understanding of the history and important events in the gaming industry as well as a knowledge of the key companies involved and their contributions to the industry

Lesson topics 

6550C Introduction to Game Maker

• What is a game engine

• Installing GameMaker

6552C Your First Game

• Storyboarding Sprites

6554C More Actions

• Sprites and Animation

6556C Target the Player

• Brief History of Computer Gaming

6558C Game Design-Part 1/Inheritance

• Inheritance

6560C Maze Games

• Mazes

6562C Game Design-Part 2/Co-op Games

• Game design

• Cooperative games (multiplayer)

6564C Competitive Games

• Create and use “views” for split views

6566C Game Design-Part 3/Programming in GML

• Balanced games

• Skill levels


6568C Intelligent Behavior-AI

• Artificial Intelligence or AI gaming

• Resources required for game making


Student Evaluation and Grading Method

The required readings will be drawn from a textbook published by Apress Publishing. The authors are Jacob Habgood and Mark Overmars and the title of the textbook is The Game Maker’s Apprentice (ISBN 978-1-59059-615-9). Students should complete the required readings and solve all problems in the exercise sections before continuing to the next topic.

The book also includes a DVD containing Game Maker software and all of the game projects that are created in the book—plus a host of professional-quality graphics and sound effects that you can use in your own games.

Each of the lessons concludes with an examination comprising of a multiple-choice test. The lessons examinations are open book.

Each lesson exam is worth a 100% and a student must score a 70% or better to complete the lesson.  The final grade for this course will be the average of all scores above 70%.

A 93% – 100% 
B 83% – 92% 
C 75% – 82%
D 70% – 74%              

Clock Hours: 150 

What do I get?

- Certificate upon finishing
- Instructor support & online exams
- Study guide with 10 assignments
- Textbook

Instructor Support & Certificate
Learn from the comfort of your own home and study when it's convenient for you - there are no time limits. Includes instructor support and take your exams online on our e-grade web site.

If you ever need help with your course you can call or e-mail our staff of highly trained instructors for immediate attention or you can join the chat room and ask a question.

Best of all, you’ll earn a professional Certificate of Completion in Computer Game Programming suitable for framing when finished.

How do I enroll in the Game Maker course?

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2. Or you can call us at (800) 243-6446 and ask for course 02-M650.
3. You can mail a check or money order for $44.95 (includes $9.95 for shipping/handling)

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This course available to residents of the United States, Australia and countries located in North America. Foreign shipping expense will be higher.

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