Fiber Optics Course with Lab

Fiber Optics Course with Lab

Apply what you have learned from this distance learning course to install, diagnose and repair complex fiber-optic communications systems and take your place in the forefront of a fascinating and challenging new technology.

A fiber-optic communications system transmits digital or analog information by means of a clear glass or plastic cable. Because of their extremely wide bandwidth they are being used to replace larger and more expensive coaxial cables for the transmission of phone, television and computer information.

Fiber-optic systems are smaller and cheaper than copper wires in many applications, since they use light (instead of the electrons in an ordinary wire) to transmit information.

Lesson & Exam Material for Certificate:
Lesson 1 - Lasers in Communications and Industry
- Laser Atomic Physics
- Practical Lasers
- Modulating the Laser Beam
- Masters
- Laser Applications
- Maintenance of Lasers and Laser Systems

Lesson 2 - Communications By Fiber Optics
- Light
- Characteristics of Fiber Optics
- Fiber Optic Communications Modules
- Troubleshooting Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Lab with Manual: 

Learn the basics of fiber optics communications while you build this exciting kit. Transmit your voice or a 1 kHz signal through the fiber optic cable to a fiber optic receiver.

Comes complete with all of the necessary components, including PC boards, microphone, speaker and fiber optic cable. Transmitter and receiver on separate boards, can be located hundreds of feet apart. (Requires 2 9V batteries which are not included.)

This course includes CIE Instructor Assistance, Student Privileges, Priority Grading & Certificate of completion from CIE Bookstore.

Industry Overview:

One of the hottest fields in electronic technology. The applications for fiber optics and lasers are enormous in both industry and consumer applications. Reliance on fiber optics and laser technology will increase phenomenally in the next decade! Communication systems, lighting, measuring instruments are all part of a broad range of applications that will use fiber optics.

Related Career Paths:

Fiber Optic Engineers, Fiber Mounting Technicians, Field Service Technicians, Processing Engineers, Packaging Engineers

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