Electronics Training - Fundamentals

Learn to master the fundamentals of electronics with these self-paced programs.

Get the exact training that's right for you with our complete line of CD, video and certificate courses!

Instrumentation Course

Self-paced instrumentation course. Learn fundamental instrumentation measurements of temperature, pressure, level, and flow in industrial applications. Includes interactive online resource with quizzes.

Power Supply Course

Learn how to test and troubleshoot power supplies. Online exams and instructor support. Certificate of completion.

500 Snap Pro Electronics Experiments Training Program

Hands on program for learning basic electricity and electronics. Contains over 75 modular snap-together parts that will allow students to build over 500 projects.

CET Exam Review Course

Certified Electronics Technician Exam Review Course. This CET Exam course includes instructor support, online grading and a certificate of completion after the final exam.