Electrical Power and Machines Course

This course is designed to explore the principles of power generation with emphasis on DC motors and generators, three phase circuits, and single phase and three phase induction motors.

This course is designed to explore the principles of power generation with emphasis on DC motors and generators, three phase circuits, and single phase and three phase induction motors.

Upon completion of this course the student will:
- Understand the fundamentals of mechanics and heat.
- Understand the principles of magnetic materials.
- Be knowledgeable of the three phase circuits.
- Understand and solve motor and generator problems.
- Be skilled in the operation of AC and DC motors and generators.
- Understand three-phase induction motors, synchronous motors and single phase motors.

Earn a certificate of completion from CIE Bookstore that's suitable for framing in Electrical Power and Machines.

This course consists of seven learning assignments contained within a study guide written by the Cleveland Institute of Electronics' Staff.  Each assignment requires you to read chapters, or portions thereof, and to answer questions based on the assigned readings.  Wherever it is deemed necessary, your instructor provides additional discussion regarding the reading assignments in the study guide.


Each of the seven assignments concludes with an examination comprising of multiple-choice questions and problem solving. The multiple choice questions were designed to measure cognitive learning levels. For the problem-solving portion of the examination the instructor may give partial credit to problems if the final answer is incorrect, but the process used for solving is valid.

The assignment examinations are open book and there is a comprehensive, Proctored Final Examination at the end of the course. This examination is taken in the presence of a proctor that has been verified by CIE's instructional staff. Make sure you have your proctor information on file or contact the Instruction Department for details.

The final grade for this course will be determined as follows:

Seven assignment examinations = 75%

Final Proctored Examination = 25%

Total = 100%

93% - 100% 

86% - 92.9% 

78% - 85.9% 

70% - 77.9% 


Electrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems 6th Edition LESSON TOPICS COVERED:

This course includes a textbook, study guide with 7 distance learning lessons, instructor support, online grading account and a certificate of completion.


  • Systems of units
  • Getting used to SI
  • Definitions of base units,
  • Definitions of derived units
  • Multiples and submultiples of SI units
  • Commonly used units
  • Conversion charts and their use
  • The per-unit system of measurement


  • Conventional and electron current flow
  • Sign notation
  • Double-subscript notation for voltages
  • Sign notation for voltages
  • Positive and negative currents,
  • Sinusoidal voltage
  • Effective value of an ac voltage
  • Phasor representation
  • Electrical Energy
  • Kirchhoff's laws
  • Solving ac and dc circuits with sign notation


  • Force and Torque
  • Mechanical work, Power
  • Efficiency of a machine
  • Kinetic energy
  • Heat and temperature
  • Transmission of heat
  • Kirchhoff's voltage laws


  • Generating an ac voltage
  • Direct-current generator
  • Induced voltage
  • Value of the induced voltage
  • Generator under load: Armature reaction


  • Counter-electromotive force (cemf)
  • Acceleration of the motor
  • Mechanical power and torque
  • Speed of rotation
  • Shunt motor under load
  • Series motor
  • Compound motor
  • Reversing the direction of rotation
  • Starting a shunt motor
  • Face-plate starter
  • Stopping a motor
  • Armature reaction


  • Mechanical losses
  • Electrical losses
  • Losses as a function of load
  • Temperature rise
  • Life expectancy of electric equipment
  • Thermal classification of insulators resistance method
  • Relationship between the speed and size of a machine


  • Single-phase generator
  • Two-phase generator
  • Three-phase generator
  • Wye connection
  • Delta connection
  • Power transmitted by a 3-phase line,
  • Solving 3-phase circuits


  • Principal components and operation
  • The rotating field and it’s Direction
  • Number of poles-synchronous
  • Squirrel-cage motor,
  • Acceleration of the rotor-slip
  • Motor under load, Slip and slip speed,
  • Torque versus speed curve
  • Effect of rotor resistance
  • Wound-rotor motor
  • Three-phase windings


  • Two-speed motors
  • Starting an induction motor,
  • Plugging an induction motor
  • Braking with direct current,
  • Abnormal conditions
  • Mechanical overload
  • Line voltage changes
  • Single-phasing
  • Frequency variation
  • Variable-speed drives
  • Frequency converter


  • Construction of a single-phase induction motors
  • Synchronous speed
  • Torque-speed characteristic
  • Principle of operation
  • Locked-rotor torque
  • Resistance split-phase motor
  • Capacitor-start motor
  • Reversing the direction of rotation

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The instructors are available for assistance and the times are Mondays through Fridays 8:30 AM to 5 PM. Instructor are available by phone or through the email.

2. Priority Grading - No waiting
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