Electric Motor Drive Troubleshooting

Electric motor drive troubleshooting course covers installation, testing, and troubleshooting procedures with online exams and virtual activities.
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Electric Motor Drive Installing and Troubleshooting

This course is designed for technicians who want to learn how to install, program, and troubleshooting electric motor drives.

It begins with electric motor principles, power requirements, and control methods and focuses on the safe operation, installation, startup, and troubleshooting of electric motor drives.

It also provides comprehensive coverage of electric motor drive retrofit procedures and includes proven, real-world application scenarios.

End-of-chapter online exams measure your understanding of the material and the interactive troubleshooting activities provide exercises that show you how to identify electric motor drives, improve applications and conduct circuit troubleshooting.

Textbook consists of 534 pages, 331 illustrations, and online access to digitial resources.

Lesson topics:

  • Overview of Electric Motor Drives
  • Electric Motor Drive Safety
  • Electric Motor Load and Power Requirements
  • Electric Motor Types
  • Electric Motor Control
  • Electric Motor Installation
  • Solid State Electric Motor Drive Components
  • Electric Motor Drive Operation Fundamentals
  • Electric Motor Drive Installation Procedures
  • Electric Motor Drive Programming
  • Electric Motor Drive Test Tools
  • Electric Motor Drive Start-Up Procedures
  • Electric Motor Drive Troubleshooting
  • Electric Motor Drive Selection
  • Electric Motor Drive Retrofit Installation Procedures


Online Digital Resources

These online features were designed as a study aid to enhance the learning experience. 

The online features include:

  • Online exams after each chapter
  • Interactive Motor Drive troubleshooting
  • Virtual Test Tool procedures
  • Illustrated glossary
  • Video clips and animated illustrations 

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