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Crime Scene Investigation Training

Crime Scene Investigation Course. Computer based training with online labs.
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Learn critical CSI procedures with instruction developed by state crime lab experts that will help you become a crime scene technician!

LabSim Manual for CSI is a self-paced course that focuses on the strict principles and methods of evidence detection and collection. Because crime scene investigation is an important and unforgiving discipline, even the smallest error can result in critical evidence being unusable in criminal prosecutions.

LabSim Manual teaches the correct evidence handling procedures and immerses learners in simulated crime scenes to practice those procedures.

A large collection of tools allow students to do a variety of different exercises ranging from lifting fingerprints to performing DNA tests. Using several different crime scenes, learners apply correct procedures to investigate, collect, examine, and document crime scene evidence.

Criminal Justice students as well as seasoned law enforcement professionals will benefit from this effective and challenging course.


3D Crime Scene Labs
Engaging 3-dimensional environments provide learners with over 20 realistic labs to explore. Realistic scenarios outline specific tasks to be completed in indoor and outdoor settings.

Within each lab, learners have access to a comprehensive and well-stocked crime scene investigation tool kit.

Prior to beginning the labs, learners are presented with a scenario that explains important background information on the case and presents a list of specific tasks to be completed.

When a learner completes a lab, they are given immediate feedback on their performance. The simulator records all correct and incorrect actions in order to give a detailed report.

Video Instruction
Instructor-led presentations give detailed information on each concept covered in the course.

Industry experts demonstrate the proper way to complete each task and process.

Simulated Labs
Learners practice completing complex tasks in a safe, simulated environment.

Sections quizzes and a comprehensive final exam verify understanding and proficiency.

CSI Outline

1.1 Course Introduction
1.2 Crime Scene Investigation
1.3 Using the Crime Scene Simulator

2.0 Initial Response
2.1 First Responder
2.2 Scene Assessment

3.0 Scene Processing Overview
3.1 Preparation
3.2 Documentation
3.3 Processing
3.4 Closeout

4.0 Photography
4.1 Camera Equipment
4.2 Photography Basics
4.3 Photographing the Scene

5.0 Written Documentation
5.1 Written Notes
5.2 Sketching
5.3 Report Writing

6.0 Death Investigation
6.1 Death Investigation Overview
6.2 Death Scene Processing

7.0 Evidence Collection
7.1 Probative Value
7.2 Contamination, Alteration, and Loss
7.3 Evidence Packaging
7.4 Collecting Evidence

8.1 Trace Evidence
8.2 Trace Evidence Collection

9.0 Biological Evidence
9.1 DNA
9.2 Bloodstain Patterns
9.3 Blood Evidence
9.4 Alternate Light Source
9.5 Seminal Fluid Evidence
9.6 Blood Enhancement

10.1 Fingerprinting
10.2 Finding Prints
10.3 Processing Prints

11.1 Impression Evidence
11.2 Casting and Lifting
11.3 Tire and Tool Evidence

12.0 Firearms
12.1 Firearm Basics
12.2 Firearm Evidence
12.3 Gunshot Evidence
12.4 Gunshot Residue
12.5 Trajectory Documentation

13.0 Additional Practice
13.1 Additional Practice

ExamSim (193 questions)

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