Computer Building Kit Elenco MM-8000K

Computer building kit with parts and instructions. Learn to build a complete computer from scratch at home. 128 page study guide with 14 lessons and experiments.

Computer Building Kit

This computer building kit will show you how to build and program a complete computer from scratch. Learn the fundamentals of computers with 14 lessons and hands on experiments.

The Elenco MM-8000K Micro-Master Trainer consists of 14 lessons that will teach you to be proficient in computer technology. In the first 13 lessons the PC Board is built-up step by step. As each section is added, its function is explained and experiments are run to demonstrate its operation. Discover how to write into RAMs, ROMs and how to operate the 8085 microprocessor.

Learn all about input/output ports and computer timers with this comprehensive computer building kit. Build your own keyboard and learn how to scan keyboard and display routines. Simple and easy to understand instructions teach you how to write in machine language and show you how to write the initial instructions in permanent memory in a 2816E2 PROM.

No previous computer knowledge is required.

Upon completion of this course, you will have a fully operational microcomputer system and be ready to apply it in the fields of robotics, communications, security systems, industrial controls and more.

Includes 128 page lesson manual with 14 lessons and experiments.


Lesson 1: Numbers
Lesson 2: Memory
Lesson 3: Storing and Reading Data
Lesson 4: Registers and Parts
Lesson 5: The Timer
Lesson 6: ROM
Lesson 7: Functional Description of 8085
Lesson 8: Instructional Set
Lesson 9: MM-8000 System-Monitor Program-Memory Map
Lesson 10: Program 1; Initialization of Monitor
Lesson 11: Program 2; Display/Delay Routines
Lesson 12: Program 3; Scan Routines
Lesson 13: Program 4; Function Routines
Lesson 14: Program 5; Addition of Number - Keyboard Entry

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