Computer Aided Circuit Design with Multisim

Learn how to master the major functions of Multisim quickly with our Computer Aided Circuit Design with NI Multisim course.

Computer Aided Circuit Design & Drafting with NI Multisim is a self-paced distance learning course that will show you how to master the major functions of Multisim quickly.

Learn from the comfort of your own home and study when it's convenient for you - there are no time limits! Take your exams online and finish with an academic Certificate of Completion from CIE Bookstore.

Course Description
Learn to design and test many different circuits which can be applied to real world applications. This easy-to-complete program includes eleven distance learning lessons that feature computer aided circuit design and drafting using Multisim.

The Multisim lesson assignments let you master the basics and move on to more advanced topics including operational amplifiers and other complex circuits.

Multisim is the world's only interactive circuit simulator, allowing you to design better products in less time.

The Multisim software has a library of eleven thousand components which behave exactly like the real component would given that all the parameters are matched accordingly.

Because of this behavior, we are able to simulate and find out if they will work in the real world and not just on paper!

By the end of this self-paced course, students will have become comfortable using Multisim and have learned the principles of its user interface, schematic capture and simulation features.

Best of all, you’ll earn an impressive Certificate of Completion from CIE Bookstore suitable for framing when you're finished!

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What comes with this course?
Everything you need to graduate is sent to your home including a copy of NI Multisim Student Edition. It includes a Student Version of Multisim 13, Ultiboard 13 and Multisim MCU Module.

The extensive study guide was written by a Cleveland Institute of Electronics instructor and contains many insightful hints and shortcuts. The study guide includes the step-by-step instruction and eleven hands-on learning lab assignments you must complete in order to earn the Certificate of Completion.

Students also will receive access to CIE's e-grade web site where you can take your exams online.

Eleven Lesson Topics
Learn to master Multisim with these powerful hands-on lab exercises!

1. Intro to Multisim I
The goal of this lesson is to familiarize the student with the Multisim environment and begin taking the first step towards computer aided design and simulation.

After you complete this lesson you will have designed a circuit that samples a small analog signal, amplifies it and then counts the occurrences of the signal on a simple digital counter.

2. Intro to Multisim II
Learn to construct and label a variety of circuits and gain further experience in the Multisim environment.

3. Operational Amplifiers
Learn to construct and operate a comparator circuit using an operational amplifier, an inverting operational amplifier and a summing operational amplifier.

4. Magnitude Comparator
Learn to assemble and operate the 7485 integrated circuit magnitude comparator.

5. 555 Clock Pulse (Monostable One-Shot Multivibrator)
Learn to wire and operate a monostable multivibrator and determine the pulse width of a monostable multivibrator.

6. Digital-to-Analog Converter
Learn to construct and operate a D/A converter in IC form with an operational amplifier.

7. Analog to Digital Converter
Learn to convert analog signals to digital signals using an IC D/A converter.

8. 555 Clock Timer (Astable Multivibrator)
Learn to wire and operate an astable multivibrator and determinie the timer frequency.

9. Integrator Operational Amplifier
Demonstrate how the time duration after the input voltage is applied to the op amp integrator affects the output. Also, learn how the magnitude of the voltage applied to the input of the op amp integrator affects the output.

10. Differentiator Operational Amplifier
Learn the basic operation of an op-amp differentiator.

11. Time Proportioning DC Control Circuit
Using a schematic diagram, you'll assemble a time proportioning circuit. Learn to alter the duty cycle of an amplifier to vary the average DC voltage at its output. See how to calculate the average DC voltage produced by an amplifier.

Student Evaluation and Grading Method
Students are required to complete all performance requirements above. Each of the eleven assignments concludes with an examination which you can send to your instructor via CIE's e-grade web site.

The assignment examinations are open book. The final grade for this course will be determined as follows: eleven examinations equals 100% of the final grade.

Student Privileges
1. Instructor Assistance:
Use our toll-free Instructor Hot-line to access our faculty and staff if you ever need assistance with your course work. CIE's dedicated staff of instructors do more than just grade your exams; they help guide you, step-by-step, through your studies and hands-on training.

They'll encourage you when you're doing well and give you support when you need it. Most importantly they'll see that every question you have receives careful consideration by one or more members of the staff.

You can be sure the response, whether it's a simple explanation or an in-depth theoretical discussion, will be prompt, courteous and thorough. We'll make sure that you'll never study alone.

2. Priority Grading - No waiting
Your submitted exams will be graded and sent back to you within 24 hours. You can be sure that you will get back almost instantaneous feedback from your exams. Take your exams online on our e-grade web site or mail them in to us.

3. Professional Certificate of Completion from CIE Bookstore
After finishing this course you'll receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing!

Industry Overview
Engineering students of today must be familiar with the use of computers in circuit design and analysis. The computer can save countless hours of calculation and breadboarding of circuits.

Using computer-aided design software, the engineer can simulate the building and testing of complex circuits. These circuits can be tailored to give the desired response before any actual components are built.

How do I enroll?

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2. Or call us at (800) 321-2155 and ask for course 04-CET351.

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