CD/DVD Repair Pro

CD/DVD Repair Pro
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Don't throw away your scratched discs! CD/DVD Repair Pro will fully restore them for you.

Clean and repair up to 98% of all scratched discs - including DVD, Audio CD, Playstation, X Box, Game Cube, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW.

When a Compact Disc gets scratched, most people think it is ruined forever.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A scratch on the surface of a CD is an optical problem, not digital problem. When the laser in your player encounters a scratch, the refraction causes the laser to mistrack and be unable to play your disc.

On a music CD, you will hear the familiar repeating glitch sound as the laser is stuck looking for the next digital bit, while on a CD-ROM, the disc will freeze, or be unable to load.

Disk Repair Pro repairs and conditions CDs allowing the laser to re-read your digital information. Disc Repair Pro resurfaces CDs, restores their original performance and returns music, data and multimedia disc to full playability.

Once fixed with CD DVD Repair Pro, your discs will be permanently repaired, and will perform again as they did when they were new.

One CD/DVD Reapir Pro can perform 40 regular repair cycles and 150 cleaning cycles.

3 year warranty.

Package includes:
1. CD/DVD Repair Pro
2. Repair solution and pads
3. Cleaning solution and pads
4. AC Adaptor

What can CD/DVD Repair Pro NOT DO?
- CD/DVD Repair Pro cannot fix very deep scratches (those that reach the data layer of the disc), scratches to the print side of the disc, and distorted or broken discs.

Order online or call (800) 321-2155 and ask for 02-423.

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