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Building Robot Drive Trains

Building robot drive trains. Learn everything you need to build your own robot drive train.
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Learn everything you need to build your own robot drive train:

Addressing all aspects of robot locomotion including wheel selection, motors, power transmission, braking, and control systems, detailed sections of this title cover both theoretical and practical elements.

A good source for general-purpose robotics designing, the text outlines the advantages and disadvantages of various options. It is also one of the few resources that discuss the problem of designing a robot for outdoor environments and different terrains.

• The Basics of Robot Locomotion
• Motor Types: An Overview
• Using DC Motors
• Using RC Servo Motors
• Using Stepper Motors
• Mounting Motors
• Motor Control 101, The Basics
• Motor Control 201, Closing the Loop with Feedback
• Electronics and Microcontroller Interfacing
• Wheels and Tank Tracks
• Locomotion for Multipods

Build an effective drive train and gain a full understanding of robot locomotion. All that’s required to get things moving are some inexpensive, off the shelf parts and this handy guide.

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