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Biomedical Equipment Repair

Learn how to repair biomedical equipment and start training to become a biomedical equipment technician. Covers troubleshooting medical equipment used in hospitals.

Biomedical Equipment Repair

Learn to maintain and repair the high tech hospital equipment with this practical, straightforward, and thorough new book. Biomedical Instrumentation Systems uses practical medical scenarios to illustrate effective equipment maintenance and repair procedures. Additional coverage includes basic electronics principles, as well as medical device and safety standards. Designed to provide readers with the most current industry information, the latest medical websites are referenced, and today's most popular software simulation packages like MATLAB and MultiSIM are utilized.

- Learn medical equipment repair with detailed artwork and photographs that illustrate procedures and concepts 
- Discussion of medical device regulations, standards and medical safety features enhances knowledge of hospital equipment
- Use of software simulation packages like MATLAB and MultiSIM provides a better understanding of electronics concepts related to hospital equipment (software not included)
- Objectives at the beginning of each chapter help readers to focus on key concepts
- Numerous examples provide the opportunity to apply information and improve critical thinking skills
- Hardcover with 24 chapters and 685 pages.
Biomedical Equipment Repair Table of Contents:
Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation Systems
Anatomy and Physiology
Bio-Signal and Noise
Biomedical Electronics: Analog
Biomedical Electronics: Digital
Biomedical Electrodes, Sensors and Transducers
Instrumentation in Diagnostic Cardiology
Defibrillators and Pacemakers
Instrumentation in Blood Circulation
Instrumentation in Extracorporeal Circulation and Assist Devices
Instrumentation in Respiration
Electroencephalography & EMG Instrumentation
Artifacts and Noise in Medical Instrumentation
Instrumentation in Medical Ultrasound
Instrumentation in Medical Imaging
Fiber Optics and Lasers in Bioinstrumentation
Instruments in ICU / CCU
Instrumentation in the Operating Room
Biomedical Laboratory Instrumentation
Medical Safety
Regulation & Standards
Preventative Maintenance
Computers and Telemedicine
New Technologies in Medical Instrumentation
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