Automotive Electronic Diagnostic Course Part II Advanced Troubleshooting

Learn advanced techniques of Automotive Electronic Diagnostics. Includes DVD, Course Book and Certificate of Completion upon passing final exam. (Part II of II)

Automotive Electronic Diagnostic Course - Part II Advanced 

This is Part II of the Automotive Electronic Diagnostic program. Part I covered the fundamentals of reading and understanding automotive wiring diagrams and Part II goes deeper into the diagnostic process with troubleshooting equipment and ciruit identification and repair.

With the ever increasing electronic content in today's vehicles, the need to be able to read automotive wiring diagrams is as important as knowing how to use the different equipments needed to perform diagnostic work.

Reading wiring diagrams requires a bit of knowledge of electricity and experience. By knowing the laws and rules that govern electron flow, you can become very proficient at this endeavor.

Automotive Electronic Diagnostics Course Part II includes a DVD and course book that will give anyone interested in automotive systems an understanding of what's involved in modern auto electronic repairs. 

Earn a Certificate of Completion

Once you finish this course you will earn a professional certificate of completion suitable for framing upon passing the final exam.

Topics covered in Automotive Electronic Diagnostics (DVD and Course Book)

Section 1

  • How Fuel Injectors Work
  • Inside a fuel injector
  • Amount of fuel supplied to the engine
  • PEAK-and-HOLD Injector
  • Electronic Modules and Controllers
  • CAN and LIN Network Systems Basics
  • Modules that Control Entire Systems
  • Difference between current path and data path
  • The oscilloscope or GMM (Graphing Multi Meter)

Section 2

  • Unified Diagnostic Strategy
  • Power Window Circuit
  • Power Door Locks
  • Cooling Fan Circuit
  • Horn Circuits
  • Cruise Control Systems
  • Cooling Fan Circuit


How do I enroll in the Automotive Electronic Diagnostic Course Part II?

1. You can order online with a credit card or PayPal (click the 'Add to Cart' button). 

2. Call us at (800) 321-2155 and ask for course 02-804. 

3. You can mail a check or money order for $141.95
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4. You can fax your order to us at 216-781-0331.

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Learn how to repair automotive electronics at home with this distance learning course. Start today!


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