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Getting Started with Arduino Kit v3.0 and Textbook

Learn Arduino with this self-paced course. Includes everything you need to get started learning Arduino: textbook, Arduino UNO, hands-on lab & parts kit.

Getting Started with Arduino Kit v3.0

Getting Started with Arduino Kit v3.0 has everything you need to get started with Arduino, the open-source electronics prototyping platform that's taken the design and hobbyist world by storm.

Using the included components, along with the best-selling Getting Started with Arduino, 2nd Edition (included), you'll be able to start building electronics projects that can sense and react to the physical world.

Within seconds of opening the box, you can connect Arduino to your computer using a USB cable (both the cable and Arduino are included) and start playing. With the free software available from the Arduino web site, you can start writing simple programs (called "sketches" in Arduino) and move on up to more complex examples.

This is the perfect Arduino course for beginners as it takes the student with little or no knowledge of Arduino microcontrollers and shows them step-by-step through detailed labs how to build electronics projects with Arduino.

With this kit, you can:

  • Learn how to wire up and blink the most basic of actuators: an LED
  • Connect the most basic of sensors (a switch) and monitor it for changes in values
  • Write sketches to do interesting things in response to real-world changes
  • Work with other sensors, such as photoresistor, which changes value depending on how much light there is

With Arduino, you'll be able to make the physical world as programmable as the digital world. This kit includes the basic parts you need to start learning Arduino. Even after you graduate to more complicated projects and a wider variety of sensors, you'll still find that the components in this kit form an important part of your prototyping toolkit.  

FeaturesArduino kit box
    (1) Arduino UNO
    (1) USB Cable
    (1) 9V Battery Pack w/DC Plug
    (requires soldering)
    (1) Clear Breadboard
    (1) Deluxe Jumper Wires
    (2) Red LEDs
    (2) Green LEDs
    (2) Blue LEDs
    (1) RGB LED
    (10) 10K Ohm Resistors
    (10) 220 Ohm Resistors
    (10) 270 Ohm Resistors
    (2) Photo Resistors
    (2) Momentary Button

Getting Started with Arduino Book 3rd edition

Arduino book

This valuable little book offers a thorough introduction to the open source electronics prototyping platform that's taking the design and hobbyist world by storm. Getting Started with Arduino gives you lots of ideas for projects and helps you get going on them right away. By Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino Project.


Everything beginners and experienced hackers need to know to get started with Arduino,

Introduces the basic principles of Arduino, along with two projects and troubleshooting tips

Gets readers up to speed with Arduino quickly so they can begin building project

Includes detailed, hand-drawn illustrations of Arduino-based principles and projects

Covers the low-cost Arduino Leonardo as well as the Uno


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