A Guide to Setting Up a Wood Shop

A Guide to Setting Up a Wood Shop
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The practical guide to designing and building your dream shop.

The book begins by looking at the nature of the physical structure itself: where it's located, how much space it provides, how easy the ingress and how secure, how to keep its climate comfortable and well ventilated, and how to provide adequate electricity and lighting.

Subsequent chapters examine equipment: what kinds of hand tools, portable power tools, and machines are required for woodworking, how to decide what to buy (or what not to buy), how to get the most out of tools you already own, how to arrange machines and work areas to make your shop safe and efficient, and how to choose or build comfortable benches and workstations.

The final chapters deal with several other important shop issues: storage of tools, lumber, and supplies; the control and collection of sawdust and the use of compressed air; and both personal and material safety issues.

CHAPTER 1 The Quest for Shop Space
Advantages of a Home Woodshop
Setting Up a Shop Inside a House
Setting Up a Shop Attached to a House
Setting Up a Shop in an Outbuilding
Building a New Shop
Shop Profile: Sam Maloof
Remodeling a Shop

CHAPTER 2 Walls, Ceilings, and Floors
Walls and Ceilings
Floor Treatments
Shop Profile: Michael Cooper
Sound Abatement

CHAPTER 3 Electricity and Lighting
Upgrading Your Electrical System
Lighting Your Shop
Shop Profile: Michael Dunbar

CHAPTER 4 Heating and Ventilation
Heating Your Shop
Ventilating Your Shop
Shop Profile: Garrett Hack
Ventilating Your Finishing Area
Controlling Shop Moisture and Humidity

CHAPTER 5 Equipping Your Shop
What Tools and Machines Do I Need?
Choosing Brands and Models
Shop Profile: Frank Klausz
Which Add-Ons and Accessories Should I Buy?

CHAPTER 6 Shop Layout
Develop a Layout That Works for You
Machine Placement
Machine and Workspace Proximity
Accommodating Work Flow
Multipurpose Shops
Shop Profile: James Krenov
Strategies for Gaining Space

CHAPTER 7 Benches and Work Areas
Shop Profile: Art Carpenter
Portable Work Surfaces
Assembly Tables
Portable Work Centers

CHAPTER 8 Storing Tools, Lumber, and Supplies
Toolboxes and Chests
Stock Storage
Shop Profile: Pat Edwards
General Storage
Special Storage

CHAPTER 9 Dust Collection and Compressed Air
Dust-Control Methods
Shop Profile: David Ellsworth
Compressed-Air Systems

CHAPTER 10 Shop Safety
Fire Safety
Shop Profile: Wendell Castle
Personal Safety
Power-Tool Safety

220 pages, softcover.

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