A Complete Woodworking CD Course

A Complete Woodworking CD Course
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This self-paced course is comprehensive and covers many subjects. With the multiple choice questions after each lesson you'll be sure to grasp each concept thoroughly.

1. Learn how to correctly select and prepare lumber for use.
2. Learn all about workshops and how to set them up.
3. Get up to date information about shop safety.
4. Study how to use hand tools and hand tool techniques.
5. Learn to make handmade dovetails, mortising with hand tools.
6. Understanding the different power tools & their uses.
7. See how to use the jointer, planer, tablesaw, router, etc.
8. Learn all about the different woodworking joints and how to make them (miter joints, rabbets, mortise and tenons, etc.)
9. See how to apply different finishes to your project
10. There's even a complete how-to section on veneering & vacuum veneering.

- Interactive modules can be completed in any order
- Instant feedback with multiple choice questions after each lesson
- Comprehensive and Self-Paced
- Benefit from experienced woodworkers
- Learn about woodworking in a short time

Enroll online or call (800) 321-2155 and ask for
course 02-371. (CD ROM Windows-based)

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