Fiber Optic Science Kit

5 Fiber Optic Science Projects with 224 page Manual. No experience needed.

Learn Fiber Optics by experimenting and building projects with no prior experience needed.

Our practical, 224-page text begins with easily grasped discussions about fiber optics fundamentals. Next are eight lab experiments and a final section with five intriguing projects. including 'Getting Acquainted with a Light Pipe,' 'AM Fiber Optic Receiver,' and 'Fiber Optic Light-Pen Cable.'

Finished products such as an analog voice link and a light pen have many daily uses and applications to further study.

The kit contains all the optoelectronic and fiber optic components to complete the activities in the manual, including: 3 meters of 1mm diameterplastic optical cable, glass fiber, red, green, yellow and infrared LEDs, CdSu photocell, photodiode, phototransistor, vinyl tubing and fiber optic LED and photodetector.

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