17 IN 1 Deluxe Microcontroller Exploration Lab

17 IN 1 Deluxe Microcontroller Exploration Lab. This is the perfect hands-on lab that gives you valuable practical experience as you build each experiment.

Microcontroller Lab

This is a complete microcontroller introduction course. The new 17 in 1 Deluxe Microcontroller Exploration Lab was developed as an introduction to microcontrollers and requires no previous knowledge of microcontrollers or programming languages.

This is the perfect hands-on lab that gives you valuable practical experience as you build each experiment. All of the source code (written in C) is provided on a CD and each experiment has a hex file (the compiled source code) that can be programmed onto the microcontroller using a Microchip PICkit™2 programmer.

The PICkit™2 programmer plugs into a USB port on your computer and allows you to program your microcontroller with a hex file (the compiled source code). The PICkit™2 programmer is included and is necessary to program the microcontroller.

Students familiar with the C programming language will be able to follow the source code that was used to generate the hex file for each experiment. This lab requires no soldering as each experiment is built on a reusable solderless breadboard using the supplied electronic components.

At the heart of this lab is a custom built microcontroller board that contains a Microchip PIC18F2410 microcontroller, a crystal, a voltage regulator, and other components. This board is pre-soldered and ready to plug directly into the breadboard.

A printed instruction manual with detailed illustrations guides students through the lab. The instruction manual starts with an introduction to microcontrollers and gives an overview of what microcontrollers can do and how they are used in today’s modern digital circuits.

Information on interfacing the PICkit™2 programmer with your computer is also included. From here, the student will begin to build the experiments.

All experiments operate from one 9VDC battery (not included). Each experiment has a detailed theory of operation, a complete wiring diagram, the circuit schematic and a basic overview of the source code.

Some of the exciting topics that are covered in this course are basic digital circuits, logic levels, pull up resistors, sensors, LEDs and LED displays, binary and hexadecimal numbers, pulse width modulation (PWM), analog to digital conversion, stepper motors, LCD displays, and more.

The 17 in 1 Deluxe Microcontroller Exploration Lab comes with all the parts, the microcontroller board, a breadboard, instruction manual and source code CD-ROM. Requires one PICkitT2 programmer (included with the C6949) and a Windows XP®, Windows 2000®, or Windows 98SE® computer with available USB port for operation.

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction to Microcontrollers
2 Parts Inventory
3 Pre-Activity 1 Setting up the PICkit™2 Microcontroller Programmer
4 Pre-Activity 2 Prewiring the Breadboard
5 Pre-Activity 3 Using the PICkit™2 Microcontroller Programmer
6 Experiment 1 Dual LED Flasher
7 Experiment 2 Dual Speed Single LED Flasher
8 Experiment 3 Darkness Alarm
9 Experiment 4 Infrared Sensor
10 Experiment 5 Stepper Motor
11 Experiment 6 Seven Segment Display
12 Experiment 7 4-bit Binary/Hexadecimal Counter
13 Experiment 8 8-bit Binary Counter
14 Experiment 9 Sequential 8 LED Flasher
15 Experiment 10 Light Meter
16 Experiment 11 Sound Meter
17 Experiment 12 PWM LED
18 Experiment 13 Music Maker
19 Experiment 14 Intro to LCD
20 Experiment 15 LCD Temperature Display
21 Experiment 16 LCD Digital Clock
22 Experiment 17 RGB LED PWM Color Fader
23 Appendix A Trouble Shooting Tips
24 Appendix B C Language Reference
25 Appendix C Advanced Users/MPLAB® IDE and C18
26 Appendix D RE-SBC100 Technical Information
27 Replacement Parts Order Form

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