Windows XP 2005 Service Pack 2 Update

11 tutorials show how to protect PCs from security and privacy threats.
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New Perspectives on Windows XP-Comprehensive, 2005 Service Pack 2 Update offers new coverage on how to protect your computer using the new Security Center features that are part of Windows Service Pack 2, including the Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates, and Virus Protection.

This critical information ensures that students are prepared to protect their PCs from security and privacy threats.

Tutorial 1: Exploring the Basics

Tutorial 2: Working with Files

Tutorial 3: Organizing Files with Windows Explorer

Tutorial 4: Personalizing Your Windows Environment

Tutorial 5: Bringing the World Wide Web to the Desktop

Tutorial 6: Searching for Information

Tutorial 7: Working with Graphics

Tutorial 8: Object Linking and Embedding

Tutorial 9: Exploring Your Network

Tutorial 10: Managing Windows XP

Tutorial 11: Working with Hardware


A: Connecting Computers to the Internet

B: Exploring Additional Windows XP Tools

C: Protecting Your Computer

D: Setting Up a Wireless Network

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