Understanding Wireless I DVD Course

Understanding Wireless I is a self paced DVD course with workbook and certificate. Covers mobile communications, cellular, PCS and 3G, plus the wireless Web.
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Understanding Wireless I DVD Course

Covers mobile communications: cellular, PCS and 3G, plus the wireless Web. 

Self-paced DVD-video course
This course comes with 134 minutes of instruction, a comprehensive workbook/textbook with graphics and detailed notes, and a personalized certificate of completion from Teracom suitable for framing when you pass the final exercise.

Understanding Wireless I begins with basic radio concepts, understanding "analog radio" and "digital radio", then covers fundamentals of mobile communication networks: base stations, cells, handoffs and mobility.
With this in place, we go through the first and second generation technologies: AMPS, TDMA, GSM and CDMA, and understand how each works, their strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to each other. 

In Part 3, we concentrate on data over cellular and 3G, and cover the differences between GPRS, Wideband CDMA or UMTS, cdma2000, 1X, 3X, 1XEV-DO and HSPA. We review expected throughput in bits/second and which carriers are supporting which technologies. We conclude with applications such as i-mode, SMS, wireless email, web, WAP and XML. 
This video provides you with a real understanding of how a cellular network operates, the main technologies, the opposing camps championing different systems, and wireless applications.  
Course outline: Understanding Wireless I
Part 1 General Principles 
1.03 Wireless
1.05 Analog Radio
1.07 Digital Radio: Keying
1.09 Limitations and Impairments 

Part 2 Cellular 
2.03 Mobile Communications
2.05 Cellular Standards
2.07 2G, 2.5G, 3G Migration
2.09 Cellular Principles
2.11 1G: Analog
2.13 2G: Digital
2.15 Digital Cellular: Voice
2.17 2G: TDMA (IS-136)
2.19 2G: GSM
2.21 GSM System Architecture
2.23 2G: CDMA (IS-95, cdmaOne)
2.25 CDMA: Coding
2.27 CDMA: Spread Spectrum
2.29 CDMA Particularities
2.31 CDMA System Architecture

Part 3 3G and Data over Cellular 
3.03 Modems over 1G
3.05 CDPD: Packets over 1G
3.07 Data over 2G Cellular
3.09 Data over TDMA/GSM
3.11 GPRS: 2.5G
3.13 Data over CDMA
3.15 3G
3.17 IMT-MC: cdma2000
3.19 1X, 3X and 1xEV-DO
3.21 IMT-DS: Wideband CDMA
3.23 Throughput Comparisons
3.25 Service Providers 

Part 4 Applications and Delivery 
4.03 SMS and i-mode
4.05 Wireless E-mail
4.07 Device Evolution
4.09 Delivering Web Content
4.11 WAP
4.13 XML
Appendix A Additional Reference Material 
A.03 Radio Bands of Interest
A.05 Location and 911
Appendix B References
  B.03 Acronyms and Abbreviations
Appendix C Quiz
  C.03 Knowledge Evaluation Exercise

This course comes complete with a high-quality comprehensive workbook / textbook that's been called the best on-the-job reference tool around. Written in plain English, this easy-to-use reference includes copies of all graphics PLUS extensive detailed accompanying text.

Topics are organized in logical groups to give you easy reference after the seminar to the practical experience, theoretical background, and unbiased information on industry technologies, products and trends you'll need. With numerous chapters covering all major topics, you'll obtain an invaluable resource impossible to find anywhere else in one book.

Certification is Included
Each course has an online knowledge evaluation test. Successful completion of the test results in certification of the student, who receives a certificate from Teracom suitable for framing.

Length 134 minutes. DVD-NTSC format. 106-page 8.5" x 11" softcover bound workbook.  

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