Test Equipment Training

Learn to use powerful test equipment including oscilloscopes, multimeters and soldering irons with our step-by-step training courses.

The skillful knowledge and operation of oscilloscopes, multimeters and soldering irons is mandatory for many jobs in the electronics field.

CIE Bookstore's test equipment training certifcate courses include test equipment and labs.

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Oscilloscope Tutorial

Learn how to use an oscilloscope with this oscilloscope tutorial. Includes instructor support, online exams and a certificate of completion.

Soldering Course with SMT Lab

Soldering Course with Surface Mount Technology Lab. Learn how to solder at home with instructor support, hands-on labs and online exams. Earn a certificate in soldering techniques.

Using Test Instruments to Service Equipment DVD

Learn how to use test instruments to service equipment. This DVD shows the proper use of analog and digital meters to make necessary electrical checks when troubleshooting and servicing HVACR equipment and checking components and circuits.