Power Supply Circuits with No PTL

This certificate course is designed to explore the application of semiconductors in practical circuits with emphasis on power supplies and amplifier configurations.

Power Supply Circuits with Lab
This certificate course is designed to explore the application of semiconductors in practical circuits with emphasis on power supplies and amplifier configurations.  

The laboratory portion of this course, deals with unregulated power supplies, regulated power supplies, and transistor amplifiers.  

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to do the following.

1.     Construct and analyze half‑wave and full‑wave power supplies
2.     Explain power transformers
3.     Discuss rectifier and filtering circuits
4.     Explain voltage doublers and tripler circuits
5.     Perform experiments using transformers
6.     Troubleshoot power supplies and measure voltage and current
7.     Construct and analyze half‑wave and full‑wave power supplies
8.     Identify the various types of amplifiers, impedance & distortion associated with them
9.     Construct and analyze transistors circuits based on the characteristics
10.    Discuss the principles of regulation and regulated power supplies
11.    Construct and analyze regulators such as shunt voltage, series-pass and op amp error
12.    Analyze FET amplifiers by using an ohmmeter to measure resistance


Course Syllabus


- Linear Amplification
- Impedance
- Distortion
- Amplifier Frequency Response
- Practical Amplifier Consideration 

Voltage Regulation without Feedback

- Line Voltage regulating Transformer
- Principles of Feedback Regulation
- Modern Regulators with a Switch
- Current Regulation
- Current Limiting and over voltage Protection

Regulated Power Supply Characteristics

- Shunt Voltage Regulators
- Series-pass Voltage Regulators
- Increasing output voltage Series-pass Voltage Regulators
- Feedback Voltage Regulators
- Op-Amp Error Amplifiers
- Current limiting in Regulators
- Switching Power Supplies  

Unregulated Power Supply Characteristics

- Half-wave Power Supplies
- Full-wave Power Supplies
- Bridge-type power Supplies
- Voltage doubler Power Supplies
- Troubleshooting Unregulated Power Supplies

Common-Emitter Amplifier Characteristics

- Plotting Common emitter Characteristics Curve
- AC and DC Transistor Current Gain
- Load Lines
- Q-point Stability
- Bias Stabilization
- CE Voltage gain with and without Bypassed Emitter Resistance
- Voltage Gain as a Function of Emitter Resistance
- Stability Factor
- Frequency-response effect of Coupling Capacitors

Transistors Part I

- Unstabilized Circuits
- Current FeedbackReduced Base-bias Resistance
- Collector-Feedback Resistance
- Swamping the Base-emitter Junction
- Combined Voltage and Current Feedback
- The Three basic Configurations
- The Common-Base Amplifier
- The Common-Emitter Amplifier
- The Common-Collector Amplifier

Unregulated Power Suppies

- Power Transformers
- Rectifier Circuits
- Determining Power Supply Components
- Voltage Multiplier
- Inverters and Converters
- Troubleshooting Practical Power Supplies

Student Evaluation and Grading Method
Each of the lessons concludes with an examination comprising of a multiple-choice test. The lessons examinations are open book.

Each lesson exam is worth a 100% and a student must score a 70% or better to complete the lesson.  The final grade for this course will be the average of all scores above 70%.

A 93% – 100% 
B 83% – 92% 
C 75% – 82%
D 70% – 74%               

What do I get? 

  • Certificate upon finishing
  • Instructor support & online exams
  • Lesson Books with 7 assignments
  • Parts Package for your experiments 

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