New Courses

Industrial Automated Systems, Instrumentation and Motion Controls

Textbook needed for CIE's course 5 Industrial Electronics with PLC Technology.

Voice-Data-Video: Applications and Installation

Learn how to install and troubleshoot systems used to transmit voice, data and video.

Game Maker Course

This certificate course provides the student with an introduction to game development and design for multiplatforms. 10 lessons and instructor support.

FPGA and CPLD DVD Course with Lab

Learn FPGA and CPLD technology with this DVD course and hands-on lab. Build FPGA and CPLA projects while implementing Digital Logic Designs. Lab includes over 50 components and boards. Entry-level course.

Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation Course

Learn about electronics technology including AC/DC circuits, identifying circuits, circuit boards, power supplies along with getting your FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL). This course will prepare you for the Associate-Level Certified Electronics Technician (CET) exam too.

Power Supply Circuits with No PTL

This certificate course is designed to explore the application of semiconductors in practical circuits with emphasis on power supplies and amplifier configurations.

Currents and Voltages in AC Circuits

Currents and Voltages in AC Circuits lesson includes Discussion Sheet with hints and test answers to the examination. (Lesson 2315)

Electric Circuits II Course - NO PTL LAB

This course is designed for students who already took the Electric Circuits I course and don't need another PTL lab. It explores the principles of AC circuits with emphasis on steady state AC circuits, along with relationships of frequency and impedance being analyzed and resonance studied.

Applying Practical Security Techniques

This certificate course is designed for PC users who want to make their computers and related technology equipment including tablets, laptops, smart phones and wireless networks secure. Instructor support with online exams.

Operating Systems

Learn how to install, configure, and troubleshoot Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and Mobile Operating Systems. Certificate course with instructor support and online exams.

PLC Simulator Lab Course

This certificate course provides students with a practical understanding of logic ladder and PLC through the use of a software simulation package. 12 lessons and instructor support.

Industrial Control and PLC Operation

This certificate course covers the full spectrum of industrial maintenance and control from servomechanisms to instrumentation.

Control Systems I with Lab

This certificate course is designed to explore industrial controls with emphasis on position, force, motion, fluid and temperature transducers, and signal transmission and conditioners.

Digital Electronics with Lab II

This certificate course expands on Digital Electronics I to include gates, numbering systems, flip flop circuits and more. Includes instructor support and lab.

Solid State Circuit Design with Lab

This certificate course is designed to explore principles of solid state circuit design. Upon completion of the course, students will understand the steps involved in the analysis and design of solid state circuits.

Symptoms in Electronics Circuits

This certificate course is designed to explore principles of operation of televisions, both as a system and a collection of electronic circuits, and to introduce students to symptom analysis and diagnosis.