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Friday, April 07, 2017

Q) I'm enrolled in Course 14B and have been learning about all of the various 1C Chips and how to use them. When | first started studying digital ICs, the internal circuitry was shown to me. Now it seems that the lessons are no longer presenting the schematic diagrams for the circuits inside the JC. How am I supposed to know how the IC operates if the schematic diagram is not given?

A) When working with digital circuits, the internal schematic is not important. You will find as you progress in your lessons that the details of what is inside a chip will rarely be given.

The main reason you studied the internal components of a digital IC in this course was so that you could see what the various output types were, and so that it did not seem that all of these functions were “magic." There are real circuits inside, and this is what previous lessons have shown.

But, if you think about it, do you really need to know what the inside of a chip looks like provided you know how much Voltage and current it can source and sink? Of course not. It's easy to design with these chips by knowing only a few simple parameters. These are presented in data books and are all the information you need.

Another reason you are not given the internal set-up of these IC chips is that you are going to start studying more complex ICs. Many times the chip manufacturer doesn't want to reveal what is inside due to copyright or patent reasons. Also, the IC may be so complex that it would take a lot of study to understand it's insides. Since you don't need to know what is inside a chip to design with it, this would be time wasted.



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