Exterior Home Inspection DVD

Exterior Home Inspection DVD - Roof, Chimney, and Exterior Features. Learn Home Inspector techniques.
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In this video, viewers get a close-up look at the roof, chimney, and other exterior features—places requiring some of the most expensive repairs a home buyer can incur.

Our home inspector, Alex Welsh, begins up on a shingled roof, where he checks the age, condition, flashing, and pitch of the roof and looks for any hidden damage that might be lurking beneath the shingles. Various roof styles are reviewed and discussed, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Hand-in-hand with the roof is the chimney. Sometimes when heating systems are upgraded the chimney is neglected, creating potential hazards to the lining and ultimately to the householder. The inspector details the signs of a healthy chimney and how to spot the danger signals.

Windows and outside walls are frequently the cause for water damage and other weather-related deterioration. The home inspector shows us how to spot rotting wood, improper design elements, and shoddy repair jobs that can cause homeowner headaches.

Each of the six home styles is reviewed for the distinctive features, problems, and solutions they present.

One 22-minute DVD.

Order online or call (800) 321-2155 and ask for DVD 02-395.

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