Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation Course

Learn about electronics technology including AC/DC circuits, identifying circuits, circuit boards, power supplies along with getting your FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL). This course will prepare you for the Associate-Level Certified Electronics Technician (CET) exam too.

Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation is a distance learning course that was designed to help students obtain the General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) and gain a thorough education in electronics.

The General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) is required to adjust maintain, or internally repair any FCC licensed radiotelephone transmitters in the aviation, maritime and international fixed public radio services. It is issued for the lifetime of the holder.

Through the years CIE has been able to compile a great amount of information concerning the types of questions that the FCC include in their examinations. We revised the Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation program to include this information and pass it along to you with additional hints that will help you obtain your FCC General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL).

What You Will Learn

The curriculum is well rounded and is not restricted to a specific job or industry. It starts with the basics of electronics and then moves on to more advanced topics that include:

  • AC and DC circuit theory
  • Identifying components
  • Working with printed circuit boards
  • Power supplies
  • Transformers
  • Digital systems.
  • Fiber optics
  • Lasers
  • Digital and data communication
  • FCC GROL exam preparation and more!

Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation contains 80 self-paced lessons with instructor support. You can take your exams online with our e-grade site or simply mail them in to us.

This program was created specifically for the distance learning student. Experience a step-by-step method of learning that allows you to complete each lesson at your own pace when it's convenient for you!

All the textbooks and instructor support are included with tuition. Our instruction staff works directly with you one-on-one to answer your questions and provide you with technical assistance when needed.

Course includes:

  • Instructor Assistance
  • 80 Lessons
  • No Time Limits
  • Online Grading
  • Online Videos
  • Certificate of Completion

CET Test Preparation

Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation also includes a study guide on how to prepare for the Associate-Level Certified Electronics Technician (CET) exam.

This test is administered by the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and has over 46,000 certified technicians across the globe! Certification enables employers to separate knowledgeable job applicants from those with less training and skills.

CIE has an open enrollment policy and you can start this program at anytime. One of the advantages of enrolling with CIE is that you can study at your own pace. Some students go through the program slowly, others at an accelerated level - it really depends on you.

We can accommodate almost any arrangement that suits you best and with our generous time allotment of 18 months for Course 1A you can be assured to have enough time to complete your program.

Lesson Titles

Lesson titles for the Electronics Technology with FCC License Preparation course.

1     2330A Current and Voltage

2     2330B Controlling Current and Voltage

3     2333A Power Distribution

4     2333B Portable Extension Cords

5     2336A Static Electricity

6     2336B Electric Currents and Semiconductor Devices

7     2101A Fractions and Decimal Numbers

8     2101B Reciprocals, Percentage & Powers of Numbers

9     2339A The Three Basics of Electric Circuits: Voltage, Current and Resistance

10    2339B Ohm's Law, Conductors, and Insulators

11    2342A Connecting and Tracing Battery Circuits

12    2342B Identifying Components

13    2342C Tracing Wiring on Printed Circuit Boards

14    2102A Roots of Numbers, Ratio, and Proportion

15    2102B Inverse Proportion and Negative Numbers

16    2323A Parallel Circuits

17    2323B Equivalent Circuits

18    2323C Applications of Kirchhoff's Law

19    2324A Series-Parallel Circuits

20    2324B Voltage and Power

21    2511A Vital Statistics of AC Circuits

22    2511B Magnetism and Magnetic Circuits

23    2511C Induced Voltage and Current

24    2313A Thinking Circuits and Automatic Switches

25    2313B Relays and Robots

26    2103A Scientific Notation

27    2103B Units of Measure

28    2304A Inductance

29    2304B Mutual Inductance & Magnetic Coupling

30    2304C Transformers

31    2512A Electrical Charges and Capacitance

32    2512B Capacitors in Action

33    2403A Rectifiers and Amplifiers

34    2403B Transistors and FET Amplifiers

35    2104A Reading and Using Graphs

36    2104B Phasors and Formulas

37    2314  Simplifying Circuit analysis by using Kirchhoff's Laws

38    2315  Currents and Voltages in AC Circuits

39    2316  Resonant Circuits

40    2401  Using Semiconductor Diodes

41    2402  Operation of Semiconductor Devices

42    2503  Unregulated Power Supplies

43    2404  Operation of Tubes and Transistors

44    2405  Amplifiers

45    2412  How to Work with Transistors

46    2601  Audio Amplifiers and Equipment

47    2406  Radio Frequency Amplifiers

48    2407  Oscillators

49    2431  Operational Amplifiers

50    2201  Measuring and Measuring Instruments

51    2202  Understanding and Using the Oscilloscope

52    3610  Regulated Power Supplies

53    2607  Systematic Troubleshooting

54    3463  Digital Switching Units

55    3230  Sensors Used in the Robotic System

56    3232  Robot Control System

57    3464  Logic Circuit Tracing by Boolean Algebra

58    3342  Circuit Response to Non-Sinusoidal Waveforms

59    3466  Digital IC Families with Practical Operating Requirements

60    3343  Clippers, Clampers, and Binaries   

61    3465  Pulse Processing Circuits

62    3467  Important Digital IC Circuits

63    3468  Digital Systems and How to Troubleshoot Them

64    2414  Improving Your Understanding of Tuned-Stage Operation

65    2408  Modern Modulation Methods

66    2609  Suppressed Carrier Modulation

67    2409  Detection and Frequency Conversion

68    2603  Receiving Equipment

69    2502  Batteries, Control Motors, and Other Power Source

70    2301  Frequency Modulation

71    2306  Transmission Lines & Wave Guides

72    3820  Communication by Fiber Optics

73    2307  Antennas and Wave Propagation

74    2602  Transmitters

75    2604  Microwave Communications Systems

76    3670  Monochrome and Color TV

77    2626  Digital and Data Communication

78    3810  Lasers in Communication and Industry

79    3721A       FCC Review Lessons Element 1 Part 1

      **3721B     FCC Review Lessons Element 1 Part 2

       **3705A    Pointers & Practice for Passing FCC Gen Class Prt 1

80    3705B Pointers & Practice for Passing FCC Gen Class Prt 2

*     3700    Associate-Level CET Study Guide

* Optional Lesson for Certificate.


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