Communications and Opto-Electronics Lab

Learn Communications and Opto-Electronics with this hands-on deluxe training lab!
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Absolutely the best introduction to Radio Communications and Opto-Electronics.

This self-paced course was created with the student in mind. Build amazing communication experiments by using wire, fiber optics, radio waves, light and infrared links. No previous knowledge or experience is required.

- PA Systems with Microphone and Speakers
- AM Radio Receiver
- AM & FM Broadcast Stations
- Optical Receivers & Transmitters
- Infrared Communication Links
- Fiber Optic Communication Links
- IR Remote Control Transmitters and Receivers
- IR Proximity Detectors ...and Many More!

Kit includes:
- Over 50 Electronic Components
- 2 Solderless Breadboards
- 64 Page, Fully Illustrated Manual
- A Tuner Board (Requires Soldering)

44 Lessons & Experiments include:
- Electronic Communication
- Alternating Current
- Radio Communication & Electromagnetic Waves
- Frequency Lightwave Communication
- Fiber Optics Communication
- AM/FM Radio Communication

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Start your Communications and Opto-Electronics training today!

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